Youtube 500 Internal Server Error

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When we browse the Internet we can find all kinds of errors, from errors related to network protocols to errors related to problems in our connection or generated directly on the server that hosts the web page, such as Google, Facebook or YouTube, and which can prevent us from accessing said web: Error 500, also defined as “ Youtube 500 internal server error”.

What is Youtube 500 internal server error

This Youtube 500 internal server error is usually generated when a problem has occurred with the server’s configuration and that, for some reason, it is not possible to identify the specific cause of it.

So it is not possible to be more precise in its definition.

This error is very frequent in web pages that have a lot of simultaneous traffic, like the ones we have already mentioned.

Sometimes we may see a youtube 500 internal server error with an ID (like the monkey trying to fix YouTube).

The causes for which the youtube 500 internal server error appears can be very varied, such as, for example, that the server has been saturated and cannot serve more users, that the server process has been blocked.

What to do if youtube 500 internal server error

If we are not responsible for the youtube 500 internal server error, and it is returning the 500 error in the browser, the truth is that we can do nothing to solve it, other than wait.

This error, as we have explained, is due to a problem that is occurring on the server, not on our computer or on our connection, so we cannot do anything.

If we want to try, we can delete cookies temporary files and the cache of our browser to see if for some reason.

The best thing we can do to fix the Youtube 500 internal server error is to wait.

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Normally, in a few seconds, or a minute, Youtube already detects the problem and solve it.

So that everything works normally again.

Why occurs Youtube 500 internal server error

If we are administrators of a website that is returning the 500 error to users, the most common causes for which this error usually appears are:

  • Problem with file or folder permissions required for the database or web to load.
  • Too long timeouts for PHP requests. Increasing waiting times can solve this problem when a website has too much traffic.
  • A bad configuration of the .htaccess file that is generating errors with the URL.

In most cases, the Youtube 500 internal server error can be solved only when the workload is released on the server, and if not, solving it is usually relatively quick and easy, without loss of information generated.

I hope you understand, what you need to do now… That’s it!

How to view or clear Youtube search history on Android

The main concern of many users on the network is how protected their data is.

Although it seems little, that an application offers you the facility to view or delete the YouTube search history on Android or permanently delete the data that is within it, is a great relief.

YouTube offers the same system to delete data automatically, however, knowing how to do it manually is something that can help you a lot.

This automatic elimination system is something very similar that can be found within the activity history that Google offers us, with this we can decide for how long the YouTube history will be visible within our application before being permanently deleted.

For that reason, we will help you configure to delete your search history in the YouTube application for Android.

How to clear YouTube search history on Android

  • The first thing you should do is open the YouTube application. To do this, you just have to click on the icon to place red with white, which appears within the application menu of your cell phone. Once ready, the YouTube home page will open, if you have not logged in, this is the time to do it, by pressing the “login” button.
  • Once you have entered your account, you must select the icon of your profile. There it will appear either your profile picture or ahead with shoulders or also the first letter of your name with a random colored background
  • Once inside your profile, you must look for the ” Configuration ” option and there you must press it so that a series of options will be displayed
  • If you go to the bottom of this list, you can see an option called ” Clear play history .” If you can not find the beginning, look for the ” privacy ” tab there you will find another list where you can find the button “Clear playback history”.
  • When you have found it, you must press it and there automatically a small warning will appear. After reading it, you can press ” accept ” and the deletion of this data will begin.
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Ready, with these steps you can be completely sure that all the data that you have entered into the application’s search engine was deleted.

The YouTube application also has the facility to place this data elimination system automatically.

It should be noted that this process can also be done from your pc.

You choose how long this information will be stored there and how much of it should be automatically deleted.

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