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Some situations happen in a way that not only bothers one person, but mocks the whole world. Facebook, which is quite popular among internet users, is hit hard by its server downtime or other technical issues.

This is not just the case with you, but other Fb users often get the same problem when they get the message “account temporarily unavailable”.

Here are we shear how to fix this kind of problem.

How to fix Facebook Account Unavailability issue

For the convenient of users, Facebook Inc. has given you a few steps to solve the problem in the easiest way.

Follow these steps carefully and we’re sure you will be able to access your social networking account soon.

  • Files need to be cleared in the browser cache because it only leads to loading of mold web pages despite FB Inc. resolving the issue.
  • You need to find history, temporary files and cookies to make things clearer.
  • Delete cookies, cache pre-fetched and temporary files from the device as well as temporarily unavailable errors appearing on the Facebook account.
  • There is also a possibility that the proxy server with a particular IP is providing this kind of old error on the screen of your device.

Disable proxy from device and try to login to your personal.

Official Facebook account using default IP of internet service provider.

In that case you are having trouble applying these steps to fix Facebook unavailability error.

The best way is to contact the FB tech support helpdesk experts by, creating a ticket as there is no official Facebook customer service phone number on the internet.

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