Wifi Display (Miracast) App for PC – Free Download

wifi-display-miracast-app-pc-free-downloadThis user-friendly app casts images, series, and information from any device to your television. The app runs from your phone, PC, whether Windows or Mac, which makes moving images onto your personal big screen easier than ever.

Step One – download BlueStacks to your Windows or Mac PC

In order to run this priceless piece of software, you will first need an Android emulator. This software was developed for Android devices and so, for those wishing to run the Wifi Display (Miracast) through PCs using Windows and Macs, we need to be running a version of the software which mimics this.
We recommend the BlueStacks App Player for the job. You can find it on https://www.bluestacks.com/.

– One the home screen click on the green Download button.
– BlueStacks will begin downloading in the background. You can monitor this by looking at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. You should see a box with a .exe at the end of it.
– This isn’t a big file but it will still take a few minutes. In the meantime, you will be taken to a screen that asks for your gaming preferences, you can skip this. You will then be taken to a gaming ads page, which only refreshes itself when you try to skip. Ignore this, it will go away when the software download is complete.

Step Two – use Google Play to download the Wifi Display (Miracast) to your Windows or Mac PC

Having checked that BlueStacks runs on your machine by opening it and clicking around a little, it is now best to log in to whichever Google Play account you prefer to use. Going through Google Play allows your app to update automatically, notifies you of any interference with your app, and allows you to log in through any device, anywhere in the world. Using a pirated version may limit your ability to access the software and will likely expose you to a variety of threats, such as hacking.

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Wifi Display Miracast on the PC

– Once logged in to your Google Play account, type “Miracast Wifi display” into the search bar.
– “Miracast Wifi display” icon, which should be shades of blue with a square in the center and wifi signal icon in the bottom-left corner
– Once on the app information screen, click on the green Install button.
– Once downloaded, the app will appear as an icon on your desktop.

Step Three – connect your devices

– Open BlueStacks and log in to the Google Account which you used to download the Miracast Wifi display. The app will prompt you to identify and connect your device to your television through a series of quick steps which interrupt your TV’s cable signals, drawing instead from the Miracast Wifi display app.

– Whatever you have displayed on your phone will then appear on the TV screen.
Every time you want to run the Wifi Display (Miracast) for PC, Windows, or Mac app, you will first need to open up BlueStacks and log in to your Google account.


With the Miracast Wifi display for PC, Windows, or Mac, the age of cabling is over. Whether you are using your phone, PC, or Mac, you will not be disappointed with this app and how much easier it makes your viewing experience at home.

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