Why Make Games on Scratch

As we mentioned in our scratch coding article, scratch is one of the best platforms of all ages for creating online coding projects.

The platform is easily accessible for android tablets and most desktop OS.

This is a great starting point for new coders 8+ years old to learn the fundamentals of coding through block-based coding.

The scratch programming language is incredibly versatile – scratch blocks can be used for anything from creating animations to telling interact Scratch.

The most popular use of scratch is to program video games.

If you visit the scratch community you will see an incredible collection of constantly updated and added video games.

The scratch programming language is perfect for fun games because is supports player input and gives players almost unlimited control over its code.

How do you put a Game on Scratch?

  • Go to scratch.mit.edu and log in.
  • Click the staff button at the top right of the web page.
  • Read the information on the right to say which projects have been shared.
  • Click the project title to share
  • Click the share button

Fill in the instructions box on the note and credit box and then add one to three tags.

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