Why Can’t I Update League of Legends

League of Legends is the free Moba from Riot Games for PC.

This game Famous for its competitive online mode.

Some of the game players faced problems with these updates.

There are some useful solutions to a problem with league of legends gameplay.

Check out the tips on how to fix this problem?

Why Can’t I Update League of Legends?

Stable internet connection :

The internet connection problem is one of the biggest problems created when the League of legends game updating.

If you faced does not start download or stable internet connection, it is easy to fix just resetting the modem or input connection devices.

See the download or update game usually.

Repair the installation files

When you download or update the game files, and some files don’t download.

It says, “some files can become corrupted.” which means some files do not download fully complete.

To solve this problem, click on the “Questions Mark.” at the screen’s top right corner.

Then press ” Repair” Tools. And you will see your League of legends game ready to play.

Run LOL as an Administrator

If you play this game in the windows version, you will need to give all permission or access to the computer.

If an update doesn’t start during the update, close the game and open “Windows Administrator.” mode.

Run the Game as an Administrator

follow those step:

  • Right-click the League of legends shortcut icon.
  • Then click on the “Properties” Option.
  • See the new check box will appear and click on the “Run as an Administrator ” option.
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We hope the League of Legends can’t update the problem was solved.

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