Why Android RCS and iMessage on iOS Different Between

Rich Communication Services have undergone various modifications and updates.

Google with various manufacturers, designed a universal service standard for smartphone companies or carriers to make their own messaging applications using this technology.

Why Android RCS and iMessage on iOS different :

Google’s efforts made RCS messages a viable reality for phones with Android Operating System, since Apple phones could already enjoy a similar service with iMessage.

The bet is that RCS will become popular at large levels. To achieve this end, companies rely on Android, which has 2.5 billion active devices compared to Apple’s 900 million.

The functions of each service are very similar since RCS and iMessage include:


  • Confirmations of reading and delivery of the message.
  • Communication via Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Sending and receiving photos and videos in high definition.
  • Creation of group chats with the possibility of adding or removing people.
  • See when someone is typing.

On the other hand, the most substantial difference is that the RCS does not depend entirely on the Internet service, since their operation is thanks to mobile coverage.

Although they do not yet have end-to-end encryption such as iMessage, this could be removed in the future with updates.

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