Why Am I Not received Emails

Sometimes, they send us an email, but we never received emails or the person who sent it gets an error message.

Here are the possible reasons why your email might not be working correctly.

These causes could apply both for generic emails with the ending @ gmail.com, @ outlook.com, etc.

For corporate emails, that is, emails with their domain and in some cases for the Genuino Cloud service.

Why am I not received emails?

Why Am I Not received Emails

Internet connection failure.

Have you already checked if you have an internet connection or a stable connection?

Maybe your internet service provider is having a fault and is not providing the internet correctly.

It is worth checking that you have a stable connection and are connected.

It may also happen that you are not at home, and it is necessary to connect to your mobile data.

Misspelled recipient email.

If you have already checked that your internet connection is stable and you wonder why the emails are not reaching me?

We suggest you ask the sender if the email address is correct.

The sender’s IP address is blacklisted.

The emails might not be arriving because the IP address you are trying to connect with is on a blacklist.

A blacklist contains the IP addresses of various email servers, and for security reasons, these are blocked, preventing emails from being sent to a domain or a specific user.

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