Who Owns the Pokémon Company

Pokémon Company a subsidiary of the Pokémon Company of Japan. The company manages assets outside Asia

and is responsible for brand management, marketing, Pokémon trading games and official Pokémon websites.

Pokémon was launched in Japan in 1996 and is one of the most popular children’s entertainment features in the world today.

Pokemon company already owns by the other trainer now.

Owns the Pokémon Company

Most think the answer is just Nintendo but reality there are many benefits to giving a clear answer.

Pokémon is owned by the Pokémon Company, and the Pokémon Company is equally owned by three other companies:

  • Nintendo – 33%
  • Game Freak – 33%
  • Creatures – 33%

But Nintendo also owns an undisclosed amount of creation. So Nintendo technically controls 66% of Pokémon conclusions.

How old is Ash in Pokémon

Ash Ketchum is the main character in the Pokémon anime series. He is 10 years old Pokémon trainer from pallet town in the Canto region.

who has always dreamed of becoming the world’s all-time Pokémon master.

Who is Ash’s Girlfriend?

Serena is a Pokémon trainer who has a crush on Ash Ketchum. She briefly met him at professor Oak’s summer camp in Pallet town years ago.

Serena is a traveling companion of Ash Ketchum, Clemont and Bonnie.

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