What to do if your mobile does not detect the SIM card

If this has happened to you, that your phone does not recognize or does not detect the SIM card.

There are a series of solutions that you can try. So that it detects it and everything works normally.

In this type of situation, the important thing is to try to find out as soon as possible.

where the failure originates (card or telephone), in order to apply effective solutions.

What to do if your mobile does not detect the SIM card

Use another SIM card or put it in another phone

Since the first thing we want to know is the origin of the problem, there are a couple of things we can do.

On the one hand, you can insert a new or different SIM card in the phone, to see if it said card works or not.

If it works, the problem is with your card, but if it doesn’t work, it could be something from the phone.

Is the card set correctly?

There are times when the SIM card is not properly placed in its slot or tray, which is what prevents the phone from detecting or recognizing it.

Especially since in current phones this tray is where a microSD is also placed, which can cause us to be placing this card incorrectly and causing it to not work.

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