What is The Recovery Mode?

The recovery is a partition, or part of memory, in which a recovery program for Android is stored.

This means that it is an alternative to the normal boot that the smartphone carries out.

so, as its name indicates (recovery = recover), the function of this mode is to recover the operating system in the event that there is a problem that prevents it from running normally.

For example, in case you cannot boot, the recovery mode is of great importance in the operating system.

What is The Recovery Mode?

All Android smartphones have this recovery mode as standard. The way to access it is very similar in most phones, although it usually varies.

In some models it has to be pressing the volume up key and the power key for a few seconds, until the boot-loader mode comes out, where you can choose the recovery mode.

On other phones you have to press the “power button” and the “volume down button.”

Recovery Mode Types:

There are 2 types of recovery mode.

On the one hand there are the stock recovery, which are those that are installed on the phone by default and are developed by the phone manufacturer itself.

Then there is the custom recovery, those that the community has created; as is the case with TWRP, possibly the best known right now.

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