What is musicXML

MusicXML is a music notation format developed by Recordare LLC in 2000, primarily based on two academic music formats.

This makes it easy to share scores with people who use score editors like Musescore, Finale, and Sibelius.


What are MusicXML files for? An XML file is a compressed music score created with MuseScore, a music notation, and a composition program.

It contains a compressed file saved in the MusicXML format, which is the standard XML format.

What is MusicXML used for?

The MusicXML file format can be used for the following purposes:

  • Sheet music representation and printing
  • Exchange of scores between various editing programs
  • Electronic distribution of scores
  • Storing and archiving scores in an electronic format

used by more than one hundred score writing programs.

Import MusicXML files

Following Process

  1. Open the File menu and open the Import submenu.
  2. In the submenu select “MusicXML …”.
  3. In the dialog that appears, locate and select the MusicXML file and click “Open”.
  4. Another dialog opens in which you can select the directory for the new project.
  5. Select a folder from an existing project or create a new one by clicking “Create” and entering a name in the dialog.

A new project is created with the name of the MusicXML file.

Export MusicXML files

Following Process

  1. Set up the score the way you want in Cubase’s Score Editor.
  2. Pull down the File menu and open the Export submenu.
  3. In the submenu select “MusicXML …”.
  4. Note that this option is only available when the Score Editor is open
  5. A file dialog opens in which you can choose an existing empty folder, or create a new folder, to save the MusicXML file (with the extension “.xml”).
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