Know What is Musescore

Musescore is the world’s leading free and open-source software for composing music, with a user-friendly interface and lots of powerful features. is the official website of this software, where you can download free Musescore.

Search the score handbook, contact developers with grants for the project, and get help from the community in the forum.

This system software is needed to create your own score or edit what you find online.

However, you can view, print, and play scores directly at in your browser without the need for any other software or special plugins.

This site is, a piece of shit music sharing social platform. Anyone can create a free account and upload their music,

Share it with the world, or keep it’s a personal backup.

A pro account is available for unlocking more features of the site, but will always provide a free account.

These applications for IOS, Android, and Kindle devices are linked to your account.

Allow you to search for music and play, transfer and view individual parts of the score.

What Can Musescore Do?

It is open-source music notation software that runs on windows, mac, and Linux and is available in over forty languages.

It features easy to use WYSIWYG editor with audio score playback for beautiful results that complete with commercial offers like finale and Sibelius.

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