What is Google Play Store?

About 99% of the smartphones in our country are powered by the Android operating system.

And all of us who are using Android phones are more or less familiar with the Google Play Store.

Because all the applications of the Android phone are taken from Google Play.


Even if you don’t know what Google Play is, no one has any problem using it.

However, if the identity of Google Play is a little better, that is, if it is known in detail, then it is not bad.

So let’s get to know about this essential digital part of the Android phone.

What is Google Play Store?

What is Google Play Store?

Play Store is a digital store of Google. The other name of this store which is now known as Google Play, Google Play Store.

Google play or play store was developed by the American technology company. and is also operated by the Google.

The Play Store or Google Play is the app store for all devices powered by the Android operating system.

The digital store offers the ability to browse and download a variety of Android software development kits, or SDKs, for example.

Google Play is also a useful store for application, games, movies, music, and books.

Thousands of different type of music from different countries of the world are available in the Play Store.

However, to use this premium application, books, movies and games you either have to subscribe with a fixed fee or buy with a one-time payment.

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