What is Common Website Error

Typically, a website error occurs due to an insecure internet connection or an old webpage it’s very common. Almost everyone had problems accessing a website on the net.

This article will explain to you some common errors that occur on the net. So let get start it.

HTTP Errors

HTTP errors can be a big prevention for website visitors. We’ve all skilled them our self and know actual how annoying it can be to browse a website and then BAM!

You hit a wall with http error. These errors are web server messages that indicate that something went wrong.

There are a few specific types that are the most common.

403 Forbidden

This error occurs when a server does not complete a request because no user is allowed to access it.

Slightly different from the 401 error, a 403 error recognizes that a user can log in with a valid user Id and password but is not allowed to access certain pages.

Typically, this means that users accessing their user accounts should be updated by the website administrator.

Long Metadata

Page titles are meant to tell you what pages visitors are visiting. If the title is longer than 0 characters, that title will be truncated by most search engines and web browsers.

Similarly, for your Meta descriptions, the character count exceeds about 155. Any word that exceeds the count will be deleted and replaced with an “..”.

Which will not persuade visitors to visit your site.

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