What is a Search Result

What is a Search Result

Search results refer to a list created by search engines in response to a query.

Also, natural search results often show relevant entries with search terms from Google places, images, or videos.

These entries usually appear at the top of the search result.

Importance of Search Engine

Search is are part of everyday life for two types of people.

  • The user who search and get the result
  • Site owners who try to optimize their website for top ranking in the search result.

Users do more than a billion searches on Google alone to find relevant information.

This opens up a huge opportunity for business and online content publishers to attract people to their website for free.

Search engines follow guidelines and have their own algorithm for deciding websites ranking in the search results.

Optimizing websites for Google and other search engine is an essential part of any website owner to reach a wide audience.

Visitors can earn money for site owners by advertising on the site or by purchasing products.

Different Types of Search Engine

Search engine are categorized into the following three categories based on how it works.

  • Crawler based search engine
  • Human-driven directory
  • Hybrid search engine
  • Another special search engine

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