What Functions Does Nintendo Labo Have

we are now in a position to talk in more detail about the functions that Nintendo Labo offers.

After all, the interaction can be carried out in different ways depending on the construction we carry out finished.

To give an example, and as you can see at the very beginning of the start.When you press a piano key, the right Joy-Con (red if you buy the two-color Nintendo Switch).

Will detect which key has been pressed thanks to its infrared camera.

So that it transmits this information to the console, placed on top of the piano, so that it reproduces that sound.

This will be extrapolated to the other constructions that are made, in such a way that any activity. We do with the Toy-Con will be reproduced in the compatible games.

At this point it may not be too mysterious to explain this.

But it does not hurt to give certain details that we could have skipped.

In this way,  Nintendo It aims to make the construction of the included peripherals more simple, in the same way that the  touch screen  of the console will give it greater accessibility.

the console box includes, in addition to the console itself, two Joy-Con, a Grip, the necessary dock to connect it to the television and all the necessary wiring to be able to charge the console.

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