What Does This Mean POP3

POP3, refer to the current version of the POP3 Protocol or Post Office Protocol.

What does this mean POP3?

What Does This Mean POP3

Allows you to configure a single “mail client or application” Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird in the mailbox.

They are allowing subsequent access to the email messages available on the server by email.

When accessing another mail program a webmail application, you will not have those messages since you deleted them.

It is possible to configure an option not to delete the messages from the server.

But it is not recommended since you receive emails with large attachments. The mail client will download them every time you want to see them.

If you want to read your emails from several devices and have them always accessible, we recommend using another protocol type.

Advantage of POP3

  • This protocol’s advantage is that our mailbox’s size does not matter since it is stored locally, and you no longer have to hire additional space.
  • In the case of companies that seek to control corporate emails. Their collaborators receive POP3 is very convenient if a collaborator opens their email on another device outside the company.

Disadvantages of POP3

  • It can be the case of the smartphone, and the computer, where they find messages that have already been read on the phone and that may be marked as unread on the computer.

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