What Does ROM Mean

ROM is a term that means Read Only Memory (ROM).

It is a storage used by computers and other electronically equipment.

The data saved in ROM cannot be modified by the common user.

This type of memory is used to store firmware (software linked to specific hardware) and other data essential to the operation of the computer.

What does ROM mean

There are various kinds of ROM.

The oldest are MROMs (which store permanent and unchangeable data ), while more modern ones are EPROMs and Flash EEPROMs , which can be rewritten and programmed.

The first computers had their operating system stored in ROM. For updates, it was necessary to replace the ROM chip with a new one.

The ROM only works when the cartridge is inserted in the corresponding space and the data is read .

When you remove the cartridge, the information is no longer accessible.

In the case of computers, ROM is still used to store data as they offer higher speed than hard drives.

On the other hand, it is impossible to read a program that requires the execution of a disk from the disk itself and this is one of the reasons why the BIOS of computers is housed in ROM memory.


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