VPN BOOTLE for PC – Free Download for Windows & Mac

vpn-bootle-for-pc-free-downloadWith the increasing need for privacy and access to every website, VPN BOTTLE has these needs covered. Some of the features on VPN BOTTLE are its unlimited bandwidth, fast VPN speed, and unlimited free VPN proxy clients. In addition to unblocking sites, the VPN bypasses blocked apps and gives you secure access to public WIFI. Blocked sites and apps are common in Middle East countries.

Again, some colleges or workplaces incorporate internet filters into their networks. In that case, VPN BOTTLE bypasses all the internet filters and geo-restrictions. Moreover, you get to access apps anonymously. With the recent rising temperatures around the issue of unauthorized access to user data, the VPN BOTTLE protects you from such concerns.

Now that we know why we need the VPN BOTTLE app, how will BlueStacks be of importance? In essence, BlueStacks makes your access to the app safer and enhance quick and easy installation. Additionally, you get to enjoy more services other than VPN BOTTLE.

In this installation tutorial, we will go step by step through the entire exercise. The process encompasses the installation of VPN BOTTLE for Windows and VPN BOTTLE for Mac since they are the most common operating systems. The installation process is identical for both operating systems. Also, the process is similar for every version of the Windows operating system.

Download and installation of VPN BOTTLE app for PC using BlueStacks

Firstly, you will need to download the installation files for the BlueStacks emulator for PC. The program files are readily available online. Preferably, download the BlueStacks offline installer from the developer’s website to avoid inconveniences. The size of the installer files should be around 466 MB. Otherwise, you can go for the site with the top user reviews.

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The second step is installing the BlueStacks app on your PC. The program installs itself in your boot drive without any extra plug-ins. You might need to turn on virtualization settings of your UEFI during startup. Otherwise, the installation process is hassle-free.

The BlueStacks app icon should be on the desktop. If not, you can search for the app in the recently installed programs section. Otherwise, the app opens itself once installed. The next step is entering your google account details. The requirements are the usual email and password. This step allows you to access the Google Play account via BlueStacks. You can customize the BlueStacks app to your specifications.

Once the verification step is over, you can now enjoy various apps and more especially games. This time we need the VPN BOTTLE app. You can search for the app in the search bar. Ensure you have an internet connection while searching for the app. The app icon should show up. You should be able to see the app from the developer, Giga Studio. Do not go for anything other than the developer’s app.


Once you have the app, click the icon. You will have a prompt to install the app. Click on the install app icon. The installation process should not take long if you have a steady and fast internet. Once the app installation process is complete, now you can enjoy the app. The app can make your IP vanish so that you are anonymous on the internet. For now, you have access to the services of VPN BOTTLE for PC.

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The developer of the VPN BOTTLE app, recommends its use to anyone. These users include users from China, UAE, Singapore, South America, and North America, among other countries.

However, you should be on the lookout for BlueStacks bugs. Such issues can lead to challenges when controlling applications. Among other challenges include problems separating already downloaded apps from recommended apps. Even then, BlueStacks may solve this in the next BlueStacks release.

In conclusion, the VPN BOTTLE app is a top-notch VPN provider that is doing well among the many VPN providers. Indeed, choosing to install such an app is a fantastic idea. Issues regarding accessing certain websites or streaming movies and shows on Netflix will be a thing of the past. VPN BOTTLE is free, and its abilities are outcompeting the paid VPN. In sum, the app is robust and satisfying for the basic needs of a VPN seeker.

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