VLLO Video Editor PC [Windows 7, 8, 10] Free Download

vllo-video-editor-pcThe VLLO Video Editor app for PC has grown greatly in popularity over the past few years. This is because the app has made it easy for people without any computer expertise to edit videos from the comfort of their homes. This app allows you to edit videos and pictures and add numerous features. It also has this great feature to post videos directly to social media platforms, such as Instagram.

VLLO Video editor has allowed a lot of social media influencers to boost their following by allowing them to post-professional, high-quality content online. VLLO is an ideal option for people looking to create advertising videos for their businesses. If you want to create a video advert to catch your target market’s audience, VLLO is a great way to create professional-looking videos without hiring a professional video editor.

Does the app have any good features?

Yes! VLLO Video Editor for PC has features that make it user-friendly and allow you to achieve expert quality videos at home.

VLLO Video Editor gives editors a range of 20 transitions to choose from. Transitions are the method through which one picture merges into the other, and by choosing the right transition, you can improve the overall look of your video. After transitions, there are also 20 different filters available on VLLO Video Editor that you can add to your pictures. These filters help to improve the video quality and beautify your pictures even further.


VLLO Video Editor for PC has a range of 40 music tracks that video editors can choose from. Adding some music behind your videos gives it a dynamic edge and will make viewers remember the video’s content for a long, long time.

If you do not find any of VLLO’s own music suitable, you have the choice to import music of your own choice as well! In addition to music, you can add voiceovers as well.

So, if the video you are editing is explaining something, adding a voiceover is a great idea.

How can I download VLLO for my PC?

While VLLO Video Editor is traditionally an app that is made for Android phones, there are ways through which you can install them on your computer or laptop as well. After all, editing videos is a complicated and time-consuming task, and it is much easier to perform it on the big screen of a computer than that of a phone.

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You can follow the steps written below to install VLLO Video Editor for PC:

1. The first step is to download an Android emulator software. People who often install apps on their computers will know all about these. Essentially, an Android emulator is a type of software that allows any computer to mimic the features of an Android device.

This way, you can download any app that would be available on an Android phone onto your computer. We suggest downloading Nox Player. Just go to Google and search for Nox Player. From the official website, click on the link for downloading Nox Player.

2. Once Nox Player is completely downloaded onto your computer, click the Run option. This will cause the homepage of the Android emulator to open.


3. On Nox Player, add your Gmail address and the other details you normally use to log into Playstore. Once you do this, you will be able to access Playstore from your PC.

4. Type VLLO Video Editor for PC on the page’s search bar that pops up. Click on the Install button on the VLLO Video Editor app option. If you have a stable internet connection, VLLO Video Editor will be successfully downloaded within a matter of minutes.


What are the advantages of VLLO editor?

Currently, VLLO Video Editor is a free app. This is one of the biggest advantages it has over competitor apps since it offers high-quality video editing for no price at all. In addition to this, VLLO Video Editor has an extremely easy user interface.

This means that a layperson without any prior video editing experience can also use this video editor very easily and still achieve professional-level results. One of the biggest pros of VLLO is that it allows you to save your edited videos in varying qualities.

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So, you can go for really high-quality videos and save them in UHD 4K or choose the light SD option if you are looking to save some memory card space. In addition to this, VLLO Video Editor really helps you create a dynamic video by allowing you to add music and sound effects. Most music editors in this company.

What are the disadvantages?

While VLLO Video Editor for PC is a great app for photo and video editing, there are a few things you should be aware of beforehand. Firstly, while VLLO Video Editor for PC is free, there are some features that may require payment. This means that if you want to enhance your video editing process, you will need to pay up eventually!

In addition to this, some users have complained about the music collection that VLLO offers. There are roughly 40 songs in VLLO’s own library (and an option to import your own music as well), but some users think this is not sufficient. After all, people use VLLO Video Editor on PC to edit a wide range of videos, and they believe that VLLO should have a large enough library to match.

Should you download the VLLO Video editor?

In our opinion, you should definitely give VLLO Video Editor for PC a try if you are trying to edit videos and pictures. This app makes the process easy and fun. In addition to this, it has a competitive edge over other video editing apps since it is basically free.

The easy-to-follow user interface allows even novice video editors to make professional-quality videos without actually having to hire a professional editor. If you follow our guide above, you can install VLLO on your PC in a matter of minutes. This means that you can easily edit and upload videos with ease on your computer, all for free. So what is there not to like?

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