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videobuddy-for-pc-downloadOften, you see a video on a social media platform and have the urge to download it. After all, downloading the video allows you to send it to friends and watch it again even when you have no internet connection. Unfortunately, many social media sites do not provide the option to download uploaded videos at all, and you can only watch them if you are connected to the website itself.

While there are a lot of apps available in the online market that can help you download these videos, you need to make sure that the app you use is completely safe. This is where Videobuddy for PC comes in handy since it is a safe, secure way to download videos from social media sites.

Can we download videos from Youtube and social media sites?

Before we go into any detail about Videobuddy, let’s discuss whether it is possible to download multimedia files directly from social media websites. If this direct downloading is possible, why would you want to install an extra app to achieve this?


However, if you look at Facebook and Youtube videos closely, you will see that they have no download option. You can share these videos with friends publicly or save them on the website to watch later.

No option allows you to permanently download and store the videos on your PC. You find a very educational video on YouTube, but it is extremely long, and you want to save it for watching later? What do you do in this scenario? One option is to watch it on YouTube, but that will involve buffering and many un-skip-able ads. This is where Videobuddy for PC can come in handy.

What is Videobuddy for PC?

Videobuddy is a safe, secure app that allows you to download videos from social media websites. Today, most people use social media on their cellular devices, but cell phones can become tiring to look at for long periods. In this scenario, Videobuddy for PC gives you an option to download your favorite videos from these websites and watch them on your PC’s big screen.

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What are some features of Videobuddy for PC?

One of the most useful features of Videobuddy is that it gives users the option of downloading videos of different qualities. While you may think that everyone only installs HD quality videos, that is not always true! While HD-quality videos are good to watch, they also take up a lot of storage space.

This is why Videobuddy allows you to download videos in HD or some other low-resolution form if you are looking to save some storage space. Another helpful feature of Videobuddy is that it has a range of music from which you can download different songs.

So, in addition to videos, you can simply enjoy audio music on Videobuddy as well if that is what you want to do. This truly shows that Videobuddy is a versatile app that allows you to watch videos and listen to music through one platform only.

How to download Videobuddy for PC?

Unfortunately, there is no official version of Videobuddy for PC just yet. However, with our easy-to-follow guide, you can install Videobuddy on your laptop or computer in seconds!


1. The first step is to install an Android emulator. Emulators are special apps that allow your PC to adopt some of the features of an Android device. Since Videobuddy is not available on PC, you will need to use Android-like software to download it.

2. Visit the page to download the emulator. Bluestacks and Nox are some of the most famous emulators. Open the official websites for these emulators and download them according to the instructions given on the website.

3. Once you have downloaded the emulator, “Run” it if it does not automatically open after completing the download. You will now be prompted to add in your Google account details to sign in, which will help you to access Playstore.

4. On the emulator’s screen, type Videobuddy on the search bar. Once you see the Videobuddy app option pop up, download it. Open the downloaded Videobuddy app and start you downloading.

What are the pros of Videobuddy for PC?

The biggest pro of Videobuddy for PC is that it allows you to watch your favorite videos offline. This is a great advantage for people who travel a lot or stay on the move. You can easily use Videobuddy to download your favorite movies, documentaries, etc., and watch them on your PC even when you do not have an internet connection. Another major advantage of Videobuddy is that it downloads videos extremely fast.

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If you have a good internet connection, you can download videos in a matter of seconds! This is a great step up above traditional video downloading services, which can take hours to save a single video. The app has an extremely simple user interface. Unlike other apps, Videobuddy for PC allows you to add filters and categorize your watch-list according to your taste.

What are the things you should watch out for?

One of the things you should watch out for when downloading Videobuddy for PC is that it may infringe the copyright laws of your region. Privacy and other data protection laws prevent people from downloading videos on social media sites. This is why in some areas, Videobuddy may be banned or frowned upon due to its infringement of these laws. In addition to this, in very rare cases, the quality of the video may become distorted after downloading. This is very rare, but you should nonetheless be aware of the issue.

Our verdict

Overall, Videobuddy for PC is a great app for video lovers. It provides easy and convenient access to videos that cannot be downloaded otherwise. It has a range of useful features which make the app simple to use.

In addition to this, it works well with some of the biggest video websites out there: Facebook and YouTube. These websites are where most of the good videos are uploaded, and the fact that Videobuddy is compatible with them makes it extremely useful. While there are some things you should watch out for, the pros of Videobuddy do seem to outweigh its disadvantages.

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