How To Use Hextech Repair Tool

League of Legends is one the most popular online multiplayer game today, with more than 100 million monthly players.

However, complex software never came without problems. The same is true of the League of Legends.

Riot games launched a tool to help remove possible flaws in League of legends. It’s called Hextech Repair Tool.

How to download the Hextech tool

how to use hextech repair tool

First, Download Hextech Repair Tool through this Link. Download your windows or mac version; it’s about 74 MB.

Then install this application. Once installed, the application opens it.

This application prefers to choose the language, then select your language and click the “start” button.

How To Use Hextech Repair Tool

Follow those step:

  • Open League of legends application.
  • Go to Settings top right corner.
  • Then click the “Repair” button. Its processing will take about 20-40 minutes.

The functions of the program will find:

Run Latency Test: You can check if you can connect to the selected server information.

Synchronize System Clock: You can check if “Synchronize System”Windows Clock is on.

Get System and League of legends Records: Groups some reports into one file on your desktop. If the problem persists with your client, you may be sent to the riot support system.

Overall, the Hextech repair tool program is a great way to automate user’s problems manually.

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