Tubio app in PC – Download for Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

tubio-app-in-pcIf you’d rather watch web videos and other media on your television instead of your phone then the free Tubio app is a great way to achieve that. Tubio will find all the TVs connected to your local WiFi network and let you choose which ones to output the video to. And it also lets you use your phone as a remote to pause and resume the video and perform other functions. But what about videos you find via your PC? If you’d like to run Tubio on your home computer with the same options as your phone then here are some instructions on how you can set up Tubio for PC.

1. Download BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a free emulator for the Android operating system that lets you run Android apps on a PC as though they were running on a phone. It’s great for running mobile games and other apps that you’d rather use via a computer. You can easily run Tubio on BlueStacks, so that’s your best option for running Tubio for Windows PC. BlueStacks has a version that works on the Apple Mac computer so you should also be able to get Tubio for Mac if you are a Mac user. You can download Bluestacks from BlueStacks.com.

2. Install BlueStacks

Once you’ve downloaded the BlueStacks installer just double-click on the installer file to run it. If you are worried about viruses then you can check it with your anti-virus software first, although most AV programs will do that for you automatically. The installer may also ask you to install a version of the Microsoft .net framework. The Microsoft .net framework is a standard Windows operating system library, so just approve that and let it download.

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3. Run BlueStacks


BlueStacks will install some shortcuts onto your desktop. Just double-click the ‘BlueStacks’ shortcut to run it. It can take a short while to set up the emulator platform, so be patient.

4. Download Tubio APK

To run Tubio you’ll need its APK file. These are the files that are installed onto Android when you install an app. Use an internet search engine to search for the term ‘Tubio APK’ and you will find many places to download the APK file from. Save it to your standard Windows ‘Downloads’ folder.

5. Install the Tubio APK

Open BlueStacks and go to the ‘Home’ tab. Hover your mouse pointer over the three vertical dots icon next to the ‘Installed apps’ text. Click on the ‘Install apk’ option in the menu that pops up and select the Tubio APK file you downloaded earlier from the folder you downloaded it into.

After installing the Tubio APK file you should be able to set up and run Tubio via the BlueStacks Home tab. Browse through Tubio and find some interesting content to watch so that you can test it out. After this you should be able to easily run Tubio on your PC, so have fun watching all the videos it lets you stream.

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