Staying Safe Online – Top 5 Best Antivirus Programs

5-best-antivirus-softwareA significant percentage of PCs currently are affected by malware, and surprisingly scammers are coming up with ways to develop new malware every day. Thus every computer user should ensure that their device is packed with a good and effective antivirus. Antivirus programs are now an essential need for every computer, just like the operating system is.

Even if you are extra careful or are well aware of malware, some potential threats cannot be avoided. For this reason, you must be ready to find and install a good antivirus program for your PC.

App and software developers have for some time now provided computer users with antivirus programs. Unfortunately, you will find out that after installing the application, most of these applications do not live up to their expectations. So below are the antivirus programs that are tried and tested to deliver what they promise.

Below are the top five best antivirus programs

Below is a list of antivirus programs that our team has reviewed and tested before we could recommend them to you. The antivirus programs below will provide you with excellent protection, a worthwhile choice of features, and less or no impact on your computer’s normal way of functioning.

1. BitDefender Internet Security


Our number one antivirus program is the BitDefender internet security, which gives you total protection against malware. It might not be the sleekest program you will come across, but it gives results. Normal running of the program on your PC will detect suspicious content and all known malware. The malware includes spyware, phishing threats, and all the unseen and unknown infections commonly referred to as zero-day threats.

The most impressive tool of this program is the anti-ransomware tool. Hackers might get into your files and take a file hostage demanding for a ransom. However, if you have a program installed on your computer such as BitDefender, you will be on the safe side. The anti-ransomware tool provides a covering over your files, and not a hacker or any malware can access them.

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The program is also very lightweight and can never affect any of your typical PC functioning. Bitdefender is also excellent in speed, but it slows down when loading websites. You can, however, return to the normal speed using the program’s tune-up feature. The program also has an application for your phone, which you can download and run the program on your PC remotely. The application is known as the Bitdefender Central App.

2. Norton Security


Norton Security is another antivirus program that we recommend for you to stay safe online. With Norton Security, any malware, including adware, spyware, or even viruses, will be scooped out from your computer by this program.

You can always do instant check-ups or set automated ones, and the program will eventually delete all the viruses from your computer. Regardless of the method that you choose to use, Norton Security has proven 100% that it can work effectively.

The program is also very speedy in that when we tried and tested it; we did not find any form of slowing down. The high speed of this antivirus program stayed intact even when we downloaded stuff and opened websites.

The antivirus program is incredibly comprehensive in that it offers multi-device security and is generally compatible with most machines and almost all Operating systems. The program also is suitable for any level of skill since there is a support chat option that will always respond when help is needed.

3. Malwarebytes


The program is another leading name when it comes to computer security. It is a paid program where you will get protection from every malware that includes spyware, adware, and viruses, among many other threats. The program is also designed to give you disinfection in cases where your computer is attacked by malware.

The program can provide its services to one computer or multiple computers at the same time. Since this a paid program, you do not have to sit there and cry over a suspected threat on your computer with no money to pay to get Malwarebytes. You can download the free trial of the program and do the on-demand scan, and it will effectively clear out all malicious content on your computer.

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4. Comodo


Comodo is not widely known, but it is the dark horse of the online security world. Despite not being a popular antivirus program, it has been named a top product on two occasions in 2018. This program is a successful one since it can detect malware in your PC with 99.8% accuracy.

The program will also locate infected files hidden in your computer as well as get rid of them. The overall speed of Comodo is useful only that you will experience a slow down when you are using other programs but will still be useful even at slow speed.

The only downside that we got to encounter is that the program will try to get you to download their other services and products. But all in all, this is a good antivirus program.

5. McAfee


Here goes another antivirus program with a leading name in the online security world that works very well to protect its users from malware. McAfee has additional features such as a firewall, a speed tune-up, and parental controls. Firewalls are a great feature for every computer user, so McAfee is a program that was designed with the end-user in mind.

While testing the program, we did not encounter any slowdown, which means that this program has excellent speed. The accuracy of the program to detect malware is at 98.9%, which is a bit low according to the industry, and it has a 100% effect on virus removal.

Overall, McAfee is a strong antivirus program that you can use to stay safe online on your device.

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