Teamviewer You Established And Aborted

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Teamviewer you established and aborted

First of all, If you want to solve the “TeamViewer you established and aborted” problem, then just follow our tips. Hope it works.

You should ensure that the LAN IP address and Team Viewer IP address are identical.

Team Viewer TC mode, if you associated with it, then Go to the TC’s connection alternative.

Then you have to choose the ‘support’ tab and ensure that the IP address is the same.

If you are using Windows 7, You should go to the ‘run’ option and next type “Msconfig”.

Now, Click on the tools. Then ‘to>enable UAP or UAC option. Go to the start on key.

After finishing ‘to enable UAP or UAC.’ end it.

Finally, TeamViewer you established and aborted to Re-start your computer.

Basic options for teleworking with Teamviewer

Teamviewer tutorials are widely available on the Internet.

It is not my intention here to do one in depth but it is advisable that you keep in mind the most basic characteristics.

Especially when it comes to handling and safety.

Top bar

When opening the session with Teamviewer we have the default view in a window with the remote computer’s desktop.

And in the upper part, notice that there is a bar with different buttons.

We are not interested in seeing all of them since Teamviewer is primarily intended as a support tool.

That is, when an operator has a problem with the computer, the specialist connects with Teamviewer and solves it.

Going from left to right we see the following

The button with the X mark on the left. It is used to close the session . It has the same effect as if we close the window.

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The ‘Start’ button. Takes you to the Teamviewer options screen for that computer.

We won’t go into it and leave it as is.

“Actions” tab

By clicking on it, we are offered different options that must be taken into account.

The first interesting action is to “Block”. Activate Windows lock on your computer.

To operate with it again, you will have to enter the Windows username and password.

Reboot . As its name indicates, what it will do is reboot the remote computer.

It is useful when we install a new program or change the configuration of a program.

During the restart as normal, the Teamviewer session will be closed and when it is detected that the remote computer has completed the restart, Teamviewer will notify us so that we can reopen the session .

Send Ctrl + Alt + Del. For those situations in which the computer does not respond and we have to access the task manager and end a process.

Or if we want to start a new session.

Send keyboard combinations. It makes shortcuts like Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V (copy and paste) work.

“View” tab

Surely you have noticed that yes, you can operate with the computer but it is not “loose” .

Like the answer is not instantaneous. That is due to the speed of the network.

Teamviewer does a good job optimizing the information sent, but it may still be the case that the work gets cumbersome.

To speed it up, we can choose any of the display options.

In the first section, “scaling” we can choose the different “fitting” modes of the desktop on our own screen.

Either automatic, respecting the original dimensions or “stretching” it until it occupies our entire screen.

The “quality” section refers to how we are going to see the desktop directly.

Here we can modify the balance between speed and image quality. With a powerful computer and a good speed we can opt for quality.

In case of problems we will activate the speed optimization.

We can also modify the resolution in the next section.

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As well as hide the wallpaper and pointer from the remote Windows. Everything to increase performance .

“Files and extras” tab

We jump directly to the end where we are interested in the option of file transfer.

We are interested in this marked option that will open the file transfer window between the two computers .

As you can see, it is very simple. We have two windows with file explorers.

One from the local computer (the one at home) on the left and one from the remote computer (the one at work) on the right.

As if they were two windows, we select the files and drag them from one window to another.

My suggestion is that it is preferable to use a third party service like Dropbox or Gdrive.

The transfer speed is much higher and the files are available in the cloud.

Security options

Use not secure password but HYPER SECURE
Teamviewer communications are encrypted and have a very high level of security.

But it won’t do any good if our Teamviewer account is protected with a password like “Teamviewer”, “RockyTeamViewer”, “54321”, etc.

A strong password must be of the type “AOCM $) = 10% -654 + $ =) mm9FFm”

As it is not very easy to remember, I highly recommend using a password manager such as Lastpass or Lockwise to manage, not only the TeamViewer password but that of any service that you are using with passwords of this type.

You should enable two-step authentication

Another recommendation to keep in mind. Enabling two-step authentication is a must for me .

Add an extra layer of security that makes it impossible to access your Teamviewer account even if your password has been broken.

To activate this option you will need an app on your mobile phone like the one offered by Google with its Google Authenticator .

So download and install it on your mobile.


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