TeamViewer Two-factor Authentication

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TeamViewer two-factor authentication

Perhaps this topic for many is quite unknown. So this article seeks to understand the security operation of the TeamViewer two-factor authentication“.

It is a great free program and very useful for us. If you want to access your computer from a distance or simply help your friends and familiar with your computer from different places.

How to do ” TeamViewer two-factor authentication”.How to do ” TeamViewer two-factor authentication”.

Right after closing the TeamViewer application. It is time to access your TeamViewer account at login in.

If you use TeamViewer without an account, we invite you to sign up for a free account as it is much more secure.

Because it is so important to do it with an account and user owner within the page since throughout this tutorial the adjustments will be made based on people registered on the web.

Steps to change password for teamviewer two-factor authentication

Once logged in, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and from the drop-down menu select “Edit Profile”.

Here in the «General» section of the «Profile settings» menu.

There are two sections of our immediate interest: the “Change Password” link and Two-Factor Authentication (which we’ll get to in a moment).

For now select “Change password”.

Enter your current password to replace it with a new password of considerable length and difficulty.

Then confirm the password and select “Change password”.

What you should to enable the “teamviewer two-factor authentication” option

Before proceeding it is not something that we should strongly emphasize. Enabling Teamviewer two-factor authentication in your TeamViewer account increases the security of the login credentials for your TeamViewer account.

That not , by default, the system of two factors for actual client applies.

You could set a very strong password in your TeamViewer account and turn on two-factor authentication.

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But if you leave the customer password set to the default 4-digit numeric password then the TeamViewer two-factor authentication would do nothing to protect you.

After changing your password, as you did in the previous step.  Then your TeamViewer account will be automatically logged out.

Enter it again and again go to the same location in the profile> General menu. This time select the link «Activate», next to « two-factor authentication».

Once you have selected the “Enable” option, you will see this small menu that describes two-factor authentication. You should to Click “Start activation”.

At this point, you will see a screen like the one below, with a large black QR code in the center.

Open your identifier of choice, press the button to add a new service, and then go to scan the QR code.

If for some reason the scan did not work, you can always click the link “manually enter the secret key” and type instead of scanning.

Once you have successfully added your identifier, click “Next”.

Check the security code for TeamViewer within your app identifier and enter it now. Click “Activate” to confirm.

In this final step, print the emergency recovery code. Keep this code in a safe place to avoid memory problems later.

If access to your identifier is lost, this is the only way you will be able to remove the TeamViewer two-factor authentication.

How to configure TeamViewer to enhance your remote access securityHow to configure TeamViewer to enhance your remote access security

Due to the ease of TeamViewer, certain remote access insecurity problems are consequently generated from the configuration that it brings by default.

This tutorial that you are about to read seeks to teach you the ways, keep staying to know how to do it step by step.

Teamviewer in the eye of the hurricane for safety concerns

Recently, TeamViewer has been in various press releases because there has been a fairly considerable surge of compromised computers via the remote access tool.

As of this tutorial, we have not seen any evidence indicating a true breach of system-wide security in TeamViewer, but there are doubts about it and something is certainly suspicious.

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At this time, we are inclined to agree with this TeamViewer press release as it is very easy for a TeamViewer user to have their computer compromised.

If they do not have all the configuration levels correctly in order.

This statement has so much weight since the vast majority of people affected by this problem had almost zero levels of security.

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Null security levels by default

By default, TeamViewer is not a particularly secure application. It favors ease of use during procedures but makes it difficult to navigate safely.

This is useful when it comes to helping your father solve his computer problems. This remote problem is solved by downloading a single file, executing that file.

Then you will be given the simple numerical ID of the computer and the password and everything will be ready.

Now you will get control of your computer with it the solution of the crisis of your father.

But leaving TeamViewer in the simple mode with which it runs for the first time, we assure you that you will be getting into trouble.

Don’t worry, keep reading, here are the best ways to secure TeamViewer remote access

Exit TeamViewer, and run it only when you need it

Our first suggestion is both an immediate action you need to take and a general requirement for future use.

First of all, because the source of computer compromises seems to be poor in terms of security.

We are going to do one thing immediately: close TeamViewer temporarily and update it, while the application is turned off.

Then you should to update the security from your TeamViewer account via the same company website.

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