TeamViewer Stuck On Initializing Display Parameters

TeamViewer stuck on initializing display parameters, I know you are looking for a solution to this problem.

We have tried hard our best to solve your problem.

Hopefully, in this article, you will find the solution to your problem.

It’s not true that popular tools have no defect. Every popular tool or software has some defect (like TeamViewer stuck on initializing display parameters).

TeamViewer tools/software publishers are also trying to fix it as soon as possible. So there are solutions to these problems.

TeamViewer stuck on initializing display parameters: Fix now (First way)

TeamViewer stuck on initializing display parameters: This error occurs if you have previously connected to the remote desktop connection to install the Teamviewer on the remote device.

If you want to establish a connection, the TeamViewer hangs and only shows “initialize display parameters”.

  • There are therefore 2 IDs for the team viewer. One for the current session (SessionID) and one for unattended access (ServerID).
  • The correct ID (ServerID) to be able to access the computer from outside is obtained by clicking on the blue lamp next to “Your ID” in the team viewer on the remote device.

2nd way to fix “TeamViewer stuck on initializing display parameters”

2nd way to fix “TeamViewer stuck on initializing display parameters”

TeamViewer stuck on initializing display parameters… Nothing to worry you could check this step…

  • Check it first that both users use update Teamviewer,
  • You should restart your pc or device,
  • Or Reinstall your Teamviewer application with Unattended Remote Access.
  • Make sure the computer is set up for remote control (both user)
  • You could disable the conflicting process system.
  • Check your router Power Settings or Internet connection.
  • Submit your Connection via Server ID.

How to use TeamViewer from Android

It often happens that you have to leave your PC on at home. While it is processing some information, and go out for any errand.

All the time you are out, your mind brings us back to the running computer.

And we continually wonder if the task we left to do has actually completed.

It would be nice for example, to be able to control our computer even outside the home.

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Perhaps through our Android smartphone. Fortunately, this can be easily done thanks to TeamViewer, a software dedicated to remote control.

In this guide, we will see just how to use TeamViewer from Android.

Install TeamViewer on your computer

The first step is to install the program on the computer to be controlled.

By connecting to the TeamViewer website, simply click on the download button and download the installation file from there.

The installation procedure is very simple. You can do it in a few steps. The program is already installed on your computer.

However, just installing the program is not enough. To be able to use TeamViewer it is essential to create your own account.

The registration procedure can be carried out directly from the TeamViewer website.

It can be done perhaps during the installation phase to optimize the waiting time.

Enable the computer for remote control

Once the account has been created and TeamViewer has been installed on the computer.

All that remains is to enable the device for remote control. To do this, simply enter the credentials created during the registration.

At the first access, the software will send an automatic confirmation email to enable the device.

Just click on the link in the email, and on the button? Add device? to enable the device.

The system assigns a numeric ID code to each device and a password that changes from time to time.

It is thanks to these values that you can enable the? Connection? between two devices.

Download the TeamViewer Android app

If the above steps have been followed to the letter, the bulk of the work has already been done.

From the Android Play Store, it will be enough to download l? TeamViewer official application, enter the credentials, enable the device with the usual automatic email and connect it to the computer by entering the numeric ID and password displayed on the desktop version of the software.

At that point, as if it were a mobile device, it will be possible to move the cursor of your computer directly from the screen of your Android smartphone.

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Remote Control of Android Smartphones with TeamViewer QuickSupport

Finally, a real program has come out that can.

In addition to giving us a lot of information on our device, Remotely Control our Android Smartphone all thanks to TeamViewer QuickSupport.

When we talk about the remote control, we immediately think of TeamViewer, which over the years has established itself as perhaps the best free program for remote management.

In conjunction with the release of the Android Lollipop version and the introduction of new APIs, TeamViewer QuickSupport was also released, which will allow you to have full control of the android smartphone.

The use is really simple and I will explain how to proceed:

  • Go to the PlayStore and download TeamViewer QuickSupport or alternatively, from Smartphone click HERE.
  • After installation, start the QuickSupport app you just downloaded.
  • At the first start, you will be asked to install an Add-On. You will need to click on Download and then on Install.
  • Once the application and the associated Add-On have been installed, we can start QuickSupport again.
  • Once the app is open, you will be provided with a ” Your ID ” number which must be communicated either via email or via SMS or WhatsApp or, using the appropriate ” Send my ID ” button, so as to allow the connection and therefore the Remote Control.
  • The last step is to click on “ Allow ” in the window: Do you authorize remote support? Which will appear only when the caregiver has started the procedure.


Used over and over again without ever any hitch. Obviously, the greater the signal, the better the user experience for those who provide assistance.

But otherwise, it is truly complete and functional.

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