TeamViewer : Error Partner not Connected to the Router

We will show you how to fix router errors that sometimes occur when using TeamViewer.

Not connected to the router in use. Sometimes the connection is not established.

You have this problem when the TeamViewer error is not connected to the partner router.

TeamViewer error Partner not connected to the router

Configuration Problem

One or two computers are not configured to allow full access. The most common cause of this error is when TeamViewer is configured to prohibit full access control.

This can happen on one or both of the participating computers.

In this case, the workaround is to access the advanced settings of TeamViewer and configure the software to allow full access.

The error occurs due to network connection

Another common reason for this error is inconsistency with your internet connection.

This usually happens on computers with ISPs that allocate dynamic IP addresses.

In this case, the easiest solution is to restart all network connections involved.

Bug Problem

There is a bug in the Microsoft Store TeamViewer app.

There are many reports of users with exactly these problems in the Microsoft Store version of the TeamViewer application.

The vast majority of users who participated were able to solve the problem by simply installing the desktop version of TeamViewer.

Outdated version

The latest version of TeamViewer is not supported on one (or two) computers.

The latest version of TeamViewer sometimes causes this particular problem on low-end computers.

For all parties involved, upgrading the TeamViewer version will solve the problem in this case.

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