SuperSu App in PC – Download for Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac

supersu-app-in-pc-download-for-windows-7-8-10-macGet Access To All The Root Privileges On Your Phone With The SuperSU App!

Every one of us has smartphones, right? This means that we all have the experience of using it and knowledge about its applications. If you are an Android smartphone user, you must have experienced that many applications of the operating system do not give you complete rights of usage. And not only useful but there are also many other limitations that an unrooted smartphone has. This type of access is not suitable for developers. Developers need to get full access to the phone’s functionality by rooting the phone.

Now, rooting the phone is one side of the coin. The other side is using the rooted phone. The rooted phone has various downsides if not taken care of properly. One needs to be careful about these, but to what end? This is not known. This is the reason SuperSU is made.

The SuperSU is a kind of security app that prevents the application from gaining root access without your permission. This is beneficial in many ways, as some apps might be harmful to your phone if they get root access. And to elaborate on this point, let us check the next section.

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Why Do You Need SuperSU?

SuperSU, as defined above, secures your phone from threats. Let us dive into the detail of this thing. The very need for SuperSU is because of the fact that your device may get bricked. Now, this is a new term, right. An Android device is considered to be bricked if it stops working correctly due to some hardware or firmware issue. The term bricking is of two types, namely hard and soft brick.

Among the various reasons behind the bricking of devices, one potential one is the viruses and malware that infect the device. Now, to be clear about the malware, it can only infect the smartphone if allowed to access it. That is the job of the above-mentioned app named SuperSU.

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The SuperSU takes care of the access permissions of the applications. This prevents the applications from breaking the security of the Operating system, thus saving it from harm. Apart from this, there are many other features of the SuperSU app. Keep reading to find out!

A Quick Look At The Features Of SuperSU

Some of the prominent and efficacious features of the SuperSU app are:

Root Permissions Control

Whenever an application on your unrooted phone requests root access. The SuperSU app pops up a notification on your phone’s screen about it. Post this; it depends on you if you want to grant or deny the root access of the application. In short, with SuperSU, it entirely depends on the user if he or she wants the application to gain root access or not.

Locked Version

The SuperSU application can also be locked with the help of a PIN code. But this version of the application is available in the PRO version. The PRO version of the app is a paid one.

Log Maintenance

The features of the application are not only limited to the granting and denying of root access. SuperSU also maintains a proper log of the applications that are granted with root access. Moreover, the application also keeps monitoring the number of times the other applications use root access. This helps in keeping an update on every instance and if anything unfortunate happens afterward. It becomes easy to track the fault.


This may not seem like an application area of the SuperSU, but it has some uses. The soft brick phone can be repaired by troubleshooting. The SuperSU app works in the recovery mode of the phone. Moreover, the app also helps in the troubleshooting of issues while the phone is stuck in boot loops. In this way, the app can unroot your device for some time.

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All these features are the primary features of the SuperSU app. Along with these, there are many other features like per-app notification, Ghost mode, deep process detection, OTA survival mode. The PRO version of the app helps to quickly re-root the device post the Over-The-Air update.

Can I Get SuperSu For PC (Windows Or Mac)?

Now, if you are a developer, you cannot work on the development of an app entirely on your phone. It is possible but not for a long time because it can be tiring. Hence, you might need to run it on the PC. For running the application on a PC, it is essential to have an Android emulator on it.

Two of the most popular and useful Android emulators in the market are:

You need to install anyone out of these to run the SuperSU application on the PC. The installation process of the emulator and the application is as follows:


  1. Download the emulator from the official site, as mentioned above in the hyperlink.
  2. Post downloading, follow the on-screen steps to install the emulator on your PC.
  3. After the successful installation of the emulator on the PC, open up the PlayStore application in the emulator.
  4. Log in with your Google ID and password in the PlayStore.
  5. Post login, search for the SuperSU app on PlayStore.
  6. Find the correct application on the PlayStore and install it.

Now, you can easily perform your application development work on a PC.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the SuperSU application has various benefits that can help you develop powerful and clean applications. Also, it prevents applications to gain unauthorized root access. To keep it plainly, the SuperSU app is a great companion for developing high-end apps without bugs and keeping your rooted phone safe.

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