What Does SSL Encryption Mean

SSL is a full abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer.

SSL is an encryption tool for pages before being transmitted over the internet that authenticates the parties involved.

It is widely used for online credit card payments.

What Does SSL Encryption Mean

What Does SSL Encryption Mean

All of our portals use SSL encryption, which means that all information will be under a security layer, ensuring that all data will be encrypted and stored with absolute security.

Different versions of the protocol are widely used in web browsing, email, instant messaging, and IP (VoIP).

Sites around the world can use TLS to protect all security between their servers and browsers.

The SSL protocol is the same used by all banks and large e-commerce sites.

You identify this feature by the “private” padlock next to the website address and the acronym “HTTPS” before the website address.

How does the SSL Certificate work?

SSL Certificate uses an encryption system. This protocol is transmitting private information through the internet.

SSL uses two keys to encrypt data; public access is known to each, and a private key is known only to the receiver.

Finally, having then the SSL certificate, Google will give a better positioning for your website.

SSL certificate will present of trust next to the search.

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