SpeedVPN for PC – Free Download on Windows and Mac OS

speedvpn-for-pc-free-download-on-windows-and-mac-osGet Unlimited Access To All The Blocked Content With The SpeedVPN App!

Every one of us has experienced some sites on the web that are blocked or, in other ways, inaccessible. And this situation has led us to do miscellaneous things to make those websites work. Some of us succeed in our attempts, whereas some of us don’t.

There are some situations when you need something immediately, and you find that site blocked. There can be various reasons for that. For example, torrent sites and sites with pornography are banned in some countries. This is done to control piracy of the video content on the web. Now, blocking these sites is done for a good cause. But there are also some useful websites on the web that are also blocked.

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What Makes SpeedVPN Useful?

Just like every other VPN app, the functionality is similar, whereas there are some features of the app that make it a bit different from other applications. But, before switching to those features, let us study the various benefits of using a VPN app.

Network Access

The very first use of a VPN app is access to home and business networks while traveling. This is the feature that improves the security of the data while a person is in pursuit. It is pretty obvious that when you travel, your geographical area changes. With this, the number of prying eyes of hackers and cyber thieves also varies. So, it is better to use a VPN app for accessing the internet while traveling.


The best and by far the most important use of VPN is this. Whenever you access the web, you leave a digital footprint on it. This means that one can track your visit to the website. With the use of a VPN, you can access any web application or website while being entirely anonymous.

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Blocked Content Access

As discussed in brief at the beginning of the article, a Virtual Private Network allows you to bypass filters. With this, you can easily access blocked websites and their content. The rise in the use of a VPN for accessing the internet in some countries is due to the censored content.

These are some of the basic uses of a VPN. If we talk about the Features of the SpeedVPN app, there are many of them to discuss.

Prevent Tracking

This is one of the best use of a VPN that no one can track you with it. You are free to access any site on the internet. The app will always be there to protect your privacy.

Access Of Restricted Content

As focussed before, there are some websites on the web that are restricted based on the geographical location. This is the reason why the content is not available on them. The most prominent ones are torrent sites. With the use of the SpeedVPN app, you can get access to all of that content pretty easily.

Reliable Backend

It is a problem with some of the applications that sometimes malfunction due to backend issues. SpeedVPN is a bit different from all those apps. The SpeedVPN app has reliable backend servers that handle the traffic in an effective and efficient way.


The name of the application has the word “Speed” in it because of a reason. The VPN application speeds up your browsing, thus saving your precious time.


The SpeedVPN app offers you multiple locations to connect, including Canada, the U.S, and France. Along with this, it does not require any registration or settings.

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With all these features in mind, one cannot say no to such an app. And it is also obvious that someone can not use it on the phone all the time. Especially, the one who has a desktop in front of him or her. Hence, the need to install it on the PC becomes necessary. Check out the next section to learn how to install SpeedVPN on the computer.

Step By Step Procedure To Install SpeedVPN On PC

To install it on a PC, you must need an Android emulator first. And to get the best one, choose from the emulators mentioned below.

There are many other emulators on the wen, but these are most widely used. Make sure you download these from the official sites, as mentioned in the hyperlinks.

To install the emulators, download them and simply follow the instructions on the screen. Post download, give it some time to boot up.

To install the SpeedVPN app:


  1. Open the PlayStore app in the emulator window.
  2. Log in with your Google ID and Password.
  3. Post successful login, search for the SpeedVPN app.
  4. Select the desired app and install it.
  5. Get instant access to all the blocked content online.
  6. Enjoy!!!


In short, if you are facing issues with accessing the content on the web. This app is ideal for you. It has all the necessary features with some brilliant add-on features also. The app allows you 240 minutes of free time for each connection. Also, you don’t need any special registration for this. It’s just plug-and-play.

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