Skype Can’t Access Sound Card

Having problems with poor sound Skype calls because of “skype can’t access sound card”?

We will see a fairly simple but effective tutorial “skype can’t access sound card”.

In this way, all programs will have the same priority in terms of sound volume.

Skype can’t access sound card

This is an expertise article. Here you could know more than just tips.

I want to tell you and for that reason, I will explain to you the way to fix the problem “skype can’t access sound card”.

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The microphone is not working? The good news is that it’s almost never the fault of the devices – very often it’s a simple software problem.

To solve it, all we have to do is arm ourselves with a little patience and work with the Windows settings.

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We update the drivers of the sound card (or microphone)

If the microphone does not work but is recognized by the system, the problem could be a “partial” incompatibility of the drivers.

So, if we’ve come this far but the mic still isn’t working, it’s time to do a driver update even if it didn’t seem necessary at first.

Let’s check the Windows recording devices

If everything apparently works, the last thing to do is to try opening the Windows Sounds menu.

The quickest way to do this is to right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray.

In the window that opens, let’s move to the recording devices tab.

Here we should find our microphone and, if it is activated and working, a volume indicator will show us the levels.

We can change some settings, but most importantly make sure it’s set as default.

In fact, some programs and apps are unable to use other devices to record sounds.

Microphone still not working? Troubleshooting is the ultimate weapon

If despite our best efforts the PC microphone doesn’t work, we have one last arrow in our bow.

By right-clicking on the speaker symbol in the system tray, we can choose the voice to fix audio problems.

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An automatic procedure will try to independently identify problems with our microphone.

Let’s follow the directions: sometimes this system solves even apparently inexplicable problems.

If not, it is time to change the microphone or sound card, because the problem, with very high probability, is related to the hardware.

PC microphone not working? Beware of Windows 10

As we know, Windows 10 has made great strides in privacy management, but that has made some things a little confusing.

Especially for some input devices, which are considered privacy-critical. In particular, webcam and microphone.

Windows 10 has a specific setting to disable them all over the computer, and then a special section to authorize or block each individual App for use.

If the microphone doesn’t work, here are the checks to do

For those who are in a hurry and have some command of computers and Windows, here are all the checks to do: in the next paragraphs we will see them in detail.

Warning: the steps indicated in bold are specific to Windows 10, while the others work for all versions of Windows.

  • Check that everything is connected correctly
  • Verify that the microphone is recognized by Windows
  • Check that the microphone is activated in the Privacy settings
  • Authorize the apps we need to use the microphone
  • Update the sound card drivers
  • Check the Windows enrollment devices

It seems like an endless list, but it can be done in less than ten minutes. Here are all the details.

Microphone not working? Let’s check the links

This step is mainly for those with desktop computers or using an external audio system, such as a USB headset.

Trivial as it may sound, let’s make sure our microphone isn’t just unplugged.

And then, that it is connected correctly. It takes ten seconds, but it could save us a lot of time.

We verify that the microphone is recognized by Windows

Another fundamental step, simple for insiders but not too obvious for those who simply use the computer.

To understand if the microphone does not work for problems related to the operating system, we need to open the device manager (we can simply find it in Cortana or in any case in the search field).

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Once the window is open, identify the audio input and output area and check that the microphone is enabled.

If it is not, right-click and choose enable device.

Microphone does not work: on PC we check the devices

If we do not find the microphone in this screen, the first thing to do is to update the drivers so that they are compatible with our version of Windows.

Microphone not working? In Windows 10 pay attention to the Settings

This is the first specific step for Windows 10: the new version of the operating system has a global setting that allows you to completely disable access to the microphone.

If this option is active, even if the microphone works and is connected, it will not be accessible from the Apps.

The more advanced and integrated ones in the operating system, for example, Skype, could warn us, a bit like what happens on smartphones when an App requests permissions.

But older or less well-integrated programs may simply not recognize the microphone.

Here’s how to reactivate it: first open the Windows 10 settings, then go to the privacy section.

Let’s open the Microphone menu on the left. Let’s make sure that the item Allow access to the microphone on this device tells us that the access is On.

This allows Windows to access the microphone. Otherwise, we click on edit.

Similarly, allow apps to access the microphone must also be active. It may seem like a “duplicate” compared to what is requested above, but in reality, they serve two different things.

To simplify, let’s say that having two different controls improves the security level.

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