How to Use ShareMe (MiDrop) on PC (Windows & Mac)

shareme-app-for-pcAre you looking for an app that allows you to share data seamlessly? Look no further, as ShareMe is the ultimate app for you. Formerly known as Mi Drop, this app has proved to be very effective when it comes to the transfer of different files from one device to another. Whether you want to transfer photos or documents, be sure that this app will help you get started on the go.

The good news is that you can now share data across smartphones and computers. Since you do not need to have a good internet connection to utilize this app, it is, therefore, a lifesaver for many people out there.

Besides this, you can easily download it for PC and be able to transfer data seamlessly on such devices. In this article, we shall take a review of this app alongside how you can download it for PC so that you can know it better.

What features make ShareMe Great?

Developed by Xiaomi Inc., this app comes with a plethora of features that will mesmerize you. Some of these features include the following:

1. It comes with an intuitive interface

Unlike other file-sharing apps, this one comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for you to use it. Whether you are a novice or a pro, be sure that you will have an easy time utilizing this app on either your smartphone or computer.


Unlike other platforms, this one allows you to sort your files into categories, such as images, apps, and music. Consequently, you will have an easy time finding and sharing these apps among different devices.

2. Easy sharing of files

When it comes to the sharing of different files, this app does not disappoint. With this app, you can be sure that you will share a number of files fast. Some of the common files you can share on this platform include videos, images, music, apps, documents. Since it allows you to share a wide variety of files fast, it is, therefore, more convenient to use it on your device.

3. No internet is needed to share files

Unlike other apps that need you to switch on data connection, this one allows you to share files without essentially having to switch your data connection on. This makes it more convenient to use even in places that have limited or no internet at all. After all, this apps uses Wi-Fi direct technology to transfer files from one device to another.

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4. Faster sharing of files

For many years, Bluetooth has been the only way some people have been able to transfer different files from one device to another. However, this is no longer the case, as the ShareMe app allows you to transfer files faster than ever.

Since it relies on Wi-Fi Direct technology, you can trust that you will be able to share your desired files fast. Compared to Bluetooth transfers, the ShareMe app is faster and more convenient to use.

5. Resume interrupted transfers

Sometimes, you may get interrupted during the file transfer process. This can make you get scared as you may have to repeat the entire process once again. However, you should not worry as this problem is no longer imminent with the ShareMe app.

Instead, this app allows you to resume interrupted transfers. Therefore, you will be able to resume where you left and finish the file transfer process as desired. You do not have to start all over again due to a sudden error or whatever reason.

6. It allows you to share large files

Some files can have a small capacity, while others might have a larger capacity. When it comes to the file transfer process, some apps can only handle the transfer of small files. If you have large files such as videos and photos, you may have a difficult time using the same apps for the same purpose.

The good news is that the ShareMe app allows you to share both small and large files. Therefore, you will not have to look for other alternatives anytime you want to transfer large files among your devices.

7. Supports multiple languages

The app mentioned above supports different languages such as English, Chinese, Portuguese, Espanol, and many others. Therefore, users all over the world can comfortably use this app to transfer files from one device to another.

How to download the ShareMe app for PC

Since we have outlined the various features that come with this app, time is ripe for you to know how you can download this app for your PC. After all, downloading it on your PC allows you to enjoy a larger user interface and thus more comfort.

However, since this app is an Android app, you should download an emulator for your PC, so that it can work optimally. Although there are many emulators that you can use, Bluestacks still remains to be one of the best emulators to use. Here are the steps that can help you get started:

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  • Download and install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC.
  • Once you have installed this emulator, launch it on your PC.
  • On its Home screen, you will see a number of options, including a section where you should enter your Google details.
  • Enter these details so that you can access the Google Play Store services. Once you enter the details, search for the ShareMe app.
  • Click on the install button, and this app will be installed in the Bluestacks emulator.
  • Launch this app on the emulator, and then start sharing files among your devices.


What is the use of the ShareMe app?

You can now use this app to share files such as photos, images, videos, and documents among different devices. Unlike other apps, this one works well among Android phones and PCs.

How do I select all on ShareMe?

If you want to select all the files on this platform, just tap on the items one after the other and then send them to others. Since it allows you to select more items at a go, be sure that you will be able to transfer files fast.

Is ShareMe safe?

Yes. As we speak, share me is very safe to use. You can now download it on your phone or computer and start sharing files the way you please.

How does the ShareMe app work?

To utilize this app, you have to download it first and then install it on your device. After that, grant it access to your file manager. Here, it will be able to access files such as photos, videos, documents, and other media content on your device. Once you permit it to access them, select the items you want to transfer and start transferring files to your desired device.

Final words

From allowing you to share files fast to allowing resume interrupted transfers, there are many advantages of downloading this app on your device. It is also easy to use and is multi-lingual. Follow the process mentioned above when downloading this app for PC, and you will have a convenient time transferring all your files from one device to another.

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