3 Way Share Files From The Pc To Android

Sometimes you need a file from your Android mobile on the PC and vice versa.

Although a few years ago that was almost synonymous with plugging the mobile phone into the PC through its cable.

Today there are countless alternatives to transfer files between a PC and an Android mobile.

So that you can choose the one that suits you best, here we suggest three ways to transfer files from Android to PC, both with external applications and with generic, common, and not so common methods.

1. With a USB cable

It is, in a way, the standard way to access the files of the mobile from the PC, although it has the downside that you need to use a quality cable and that, sometimes, it can fail or be a little slower than other methods.

2. With Air Droid

There are third-party offers that also serve as a bridge between the mobile and the PC.

The most famous is the Air Droid, although it is far from the only one.

Another well-known alternative is Push Bullet, although in this case, the free version has more limitations.

3. The cloud of Google Drive

Another way to access the files on your PC on your mobile and vice versa is by synchronizing them in the cloud.

In Android, the most common is to do it with Google Drive.

you upload the files from one device to be able to access them from another, being able to generate a download link to access the files more quickly.

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