Share Files Between IOS And Android With AirDroid

In the age of instant messaging services, transferring files directly between devices is almost obsolete.

Although many times we are right next to the other person, we send photos or documents through email or WhatsApp or other third-party application.

which is sometimes very convenient but sometimes has disadvantages not always known to all, such as loss of quality of the images.

But what happens when we want to transfer something from our iPhone to an Android device Or to the computer?

AirDroid is a new application already available in the App Store that is free and that solves this problem for us.

You just have to ask the recipient of the file to open the application, open it ourselves and wait for it to automatically detect that the devices are nearby and ready for transfer.

From here you just have to choose what we want to send and wait a few seconds for the files to be copied to the destination device.

The transfer can be both ways from iOS to Android or from Android to iOS.

In the same way and sent media file or other file to the computer.

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