How To Send Files Offline In Airdroid

One of the latest additions to AirDroid is the ability to send files to another mobile, without using the Internet or Bluetooth.

To use it, you need that both phones have AirDroid installed, although you can send the APK directly to your friend, which is downloaded from a virtual server created on your mobile. Very ingenious.

Once both mobiles must have AirDroid, you must go to the same Transfer tab and press Search.

If you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, the mobiles will find themselves, so you must tap on the other mobile to start the connection.

Otherwise, one of you should change the slider to Start the connection, and the other should Join.

From that moment, a window that reminds of a chat opens in which you can send messages, photos, videos, songs, files or basically whatever you want.

The connection uses the access point generated by one of the mobiles, so it does not need a network connection.

Step 1 :First, click on the “file transfer icon”.

Step 2: Then select the “Devices tab”.

Step 3: Drag the files you want to copy from computer to your phone or from phone to computer and click the send file button and select them.

You can then view the files on your phone or computer.

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