Samsung Smart View Not Working

Samsung smart view not working? With the release of Android 8 and 10, Google and other Android makers are catching up on their new features. There are a ton of new features to try.

However, for some, it seems that older items that previously worked perfectly now appear with errors. One of which appears to be the feature to replicate the Samsung Smart View display.

Samsung Smart View not working? How to fix it

There have been reports where the Smart View screencast function seems to fail when connecting to the device, such as Amazon Fire TV.

The problem appears to be the result of the latest Android 10 update for the Galaxy S8, S9, S10, and Note 9 and 10, along with the Galaxy S20 that comes with Google’s new system right out of the box.

Solve problems Samsung smart view – MobileSolve problems Samsung smart view – Mobile

  • Make sure screen sharing is enabled on your host device. For example, on the Amazon Fire TV, go to Settings> Display and Sounds> choose Turn on screen mirroring.
  • Go to the Galaxy Apps app and make sure you have the Smart View app updated to the latest version. If you have two Smart View applications, uninstall one of them, as you will only be able to remove one of them. The other, which is the good one, is the application of the system.
  • To connect to your device, swipe the notification bar twice to see the quick setting buttons. Now, swipe right to see more of these icons and tap on the Smart View button to activate it.
  • The Smart View screen will appear and display the names of the mirroring devices available on your network.
    Select the device on which you want the screen of your Samsung Galaxy device to be displayed.
  • As long as the Smart View is on and working, you will see the blue icon.
  • Clicking on the blue icon will open a small window, where you can pause screen mirroring, change the device and disconnect it.

Searching online we have managed to find other solutions for when Samsung Smart View does not work. Try these methods until you can solve the error.

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Connect your mobile Samsung K / KU series televisionsConnect your mobile Samsung K  KU series televisions

If your Samsung Smart View doesn’t work do this on your TV.

If what you want to do is connect your Samsung mobile K / KU series televisions, you have to check that you have activated these options:

  • Enter your Smart TV and click on the configuration option and then on the network.
  • Within the advanced or expert settings select manage mobile devices.
  • There you will see an access notification and you have to select always on to receive an alert when someone wants to connect to the TV.
  • After that, you have to enter the list of mobile devices option and check that your phone appears and you are allowed to connect to the television

Fix Smart view problems by deleting the application data on YOUR MOBILE

Whether you have a Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S10, Note or S20 these can give you problems with the default Smart View application.

The solution that we propose is quite effective for this type of failure that the applications give.
To try to solve it, we are going to carry out the following steps on your mobile phone.

  • Enter the settings menu and then tap on applications.
  • At the top right you will see a button with three dots, enter there click on show system applications.
  • We have to find Smart View in that list of applications.
  • When you enter you will see an option that puts storage, enter and delete the data and the cache.
  • Reopen the app and try to connect now.

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How to connect a Samsung Smart TV to a computer/mobile to see its screen over Wi-FiHow to connect a Samsung Smart TV to a computermobile to see its screen over Wi-Fi

In this guide, we are going to show you how you can connect your laptop or desktop computer to Samsung television using only Wi-Fi.
Many users are reporting the problem that they cannot connect the computer or telephone to the TV since it sends them a message that something is wrong ” Something went wrong.

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The solution is quite simple and I will explain it to you right now.  When your Smart TV connects to the Wi-Fi network, it keeps the only network card it has occupied. This means that you cannot find it through a Smart view, wireless screen, etc. Let’s go with the solution.

  • On the TV we enter Network Settings
  • We disconnect the Wi-Fi (just disconnect, do not deactivate it completely)
  • We get out of there and go back to the Windows 10 PC.
  • At the bottom right in the activities icon, you will see an option called connect.
  • Click on the option and it should already work. The computer will be connected to the TV and you can see its screen. 

This solution is valid for computer and mobile although in the example we have used a computer. Contrary to what many people believe, the TV does not need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. It is enough that it is connected to a PC and this is connected to the Internet.

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Stream to your Samsung TV using AllCastStream to your Samsung TV using AllCast

If after approving all these solutions it still does not work or you do not like using a Smart view, we suggest the following application.

The AllCast application, created by the same people who created the ClockWorkMod (those who have been messing around with Android will know about it ).

AllCast allows you to send photos, videos, music and almost all file formats to a compatible mirroring device.

C on this application you can transmit everything you have on your phone directly to your television. You just have to download it, open it and you can choose from all your photos, videos, music or files that you have on your phone.

You select your television (which you must have connected to the same Wi-Fi network) and when it connects, everything from your mobile will appear on it.

Stay with us for updates. Thank you.

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