Resolving TeamViewer Protocol Negotiation Failure

If you get the “TeamViewer Protocol Negotiation Failed” error in TeamViewer, here are some fixes.

According to TeamViewer Support, this error occurs when using TeamViewer to connect to remote control or another server or host.

If there is a connection problem, “Protocol negotiation failed. Please try again.”

According to TeamViewer, the cause of this error is that an incoming connection was received from the TeamViewer host, but the actual remote control session was interrupted and not established.

There are several reasons why the TeamViewer protocol negotiation fails.

Try the following solutions to solve the problem so that the remote control can connect properly via TeamViewer.

Try the following solutions to solve the problem so that the remote control can connect correctly via TeamViewer.

  1. Restart TeamViewer by closing the TeamViewer application on the host and then restart it.
  2. In particular, for TeamViewer, restart the TeamViewer service in Control Panel Services.
    It is configured to start with Windows and/or unattended access.
  3. Disable firewalls, including Windows Firewall or third-party firewalls.
  4. Turn off virus protection or exclude TeamViewer folders or executable files from scanning.
  5. Uninstall TeamViewer and reinstall.

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