Pokémon Puzzle Challenge ROM

Pokémon puzzle challenge, released in 2000, is a puzzle video game based on panel D15. There are only Pokémon franchise characters.

The intelligent system was developed and Nintendo released the game for game boy color.

Pokémon Puzzle Challenge ROM

Game Plot

The Pokémon Puzzle challenge game is focused on defeating the Johto leaders by interesting a puzzle game in the Johto area.

Also, the opponents in the game are based on those who are in Pokémon Gold and Silver. The Pokémon featured here are Pichu, Chico Rita and Cyndaquil.

The gameplay of this game is divided into training player 1 and player 2. In addition to these, there are several sub-models such as garbage, zone, puzzle, and line action.


The game is permanent to play has the ability to collect Pokémon by fighting specific trainers to unlock new Pokémon.

And the player can manage to get it after achieving certain requirements.

Players try to attain a high goal, an out stall enemy, by ending blocks to reach the top of the players playing field.

Similar Games

In the Pokémon Puzzle series there are more amazing games have similar gameplay and features. So if you like it, you will enjoy other games as well.

Pokémon Puzzle League

The game is based on puzzle games like Pokémon puzzle league. The game is also based on Pokémon anime featuring various characters from the ash Ketchum and anime series.

The goal of a Pokémon puzzle league player is to clear the blocks coming from above and then arrange them in three or more vertical lines.

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