Pokémon Café Mix All Pokémon list

If you are currently obsessed with Pokémon Café Mix like us, you probably want to know exactly which Pokémon you can expect to encounter in your small café.

All right, we’re here.

We have put together this list of your 13 strongest Pokémon staff that you can hire for your adventures.

If you are not sure if this is a good fit for your time, we can help. We’ve put together a review of Pokémon café Mix.

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Pokémon Café List


Pokémon like these plants specialize in small plates and join your staff after you complete 77 sequences.


The best Pokémon of all time is the first encounter you have at Pokémon Café mix. Cabbage hand in making cute fire-lizard drinks.


Water ‘Mon’ is a small plate expert and can help cool your coffee if it’s too hot. Thanks squirrel!


This electric mouse specializes in sweets and is currently only available as part of a microtransaction or login event.


Jig lip is not currently available at Pokémon café mix, although it has been confirmed for future release. We will update it as we learn more.


Similar to Jigglypuff, Mayoth is a sure future staff member who is not currently available at the moment.


Looking at sluff it is very obvious that it likes sugar, so it feels like it is a sweet specialist. To learn more about popular starter Pokemon click here.

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