How To Play League Of Legends For Beginners

Welcome to our League of legends play beginners guide.

In this guide, I will discuss the basics of how to play League of legends.

You will learn many League of legends to get the player information, Character information, and other valuable tips to improve performance.

How To Play League Of Legends For Beginners

How To Play League Of Legends For Beginners

To do the best in the game, you need to understand the game’s main full objective.

Lol Characters

There are many champion character skills, more than 154 champions.

If you play this game on a computer, you need to activate their characters skrill using the keyboards keys “Q,” “W,” “E,” and “R.”

Each character’s ability has its own power and skill. They can use their character skills or ability to be attack or defense. That’s why the League of legends game more interesting and strategies.

League of legends Classes


Tanks are tough melee troops.

The tank is sacrificing damage powerful crowd control. Tanks are used for strong base defense.

However, the tanks lack the troops to succeed in an individual battle and prevent them from remaining uninterrupted at their targets.

LoL Fighters

Fighters are melee attack characters; that is, they need to be close to the enemy to deal damage. They have balanced attack and defense characteristics.

LoL Wizards

Wizards are characters who specialize in magic damage. They use spells to attack, defend, move and assist the team. They are generally as fragile as shredders.

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