Best Way To Use PagarBook On The PC (Computer & Laptop)

pagarbook-for-pc-windowsPagarbook App – Manage Your Staff with Ease

Sometimes when you have several employees to manage your business it might be confusing and tiresome. If you are your own manager and you find yourself managing the business and your staff it can be hectic. Failure to manage the employees well may, at last, be chaotic both to your mind and to your business or company.

To ensure that everything with your staff runs smoothly you must come up with a regular and reliable strategy to help you manage them. The strategy must include all things related to the employee’s welfare. For example, the strategy must include a reasonable way to handle, time, work, salaries, and advances among other important stuff related to your business or company.

Pagarbook is an Android app that will help you manage all of these smoothly. With Pagarbook you do not have to worry about bookkeeping or keeping details about your employees. The app as mentioned is an Android app that you can access from any part of the world and from anywhere.

Things to know about the Pagarbook app

Before we dig into the app’s functions, let us first discuss the app and see some of the main features. The first one is that the app is completely free and you do not have to pay a single dime to use it. This is great especially for businesses that are just starting out.

As mentioned this is an Android app, however, the app currently has a new desktop app. The desktop app is not free like the Android one. However, if you want to try out the desktop version you can start with the seven-day trial version.

The app is also an Indian app but some other selected countries can also use it. The app also offers 10 plus languages across India. So if you are using the app from India it would be impossible for you to lack a language that you can work with. Also, the app is available in over 650 districts in India.

Moreover, the app is also very easy to understand and manage. The user interface is straightforward and you will see everything you want about an employee with a single click.

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Pagarbook App Functions

Now that we have learned the most basic stuff about Pagarbook it’s time to learn more about the functions of this great app.


1. Manages salaries and payments

Pagarbook app allows you to manage all your staff’s salaries and their payments. The app can classify types of salaries according to the staff that you have. You can manage daily, weekly or monthly payments for your employees.

For instance, if you have part-time employees, you can manage how they can get their salaries depending on the work or on the time they spent working. Sometimes you may have employees coming in certain days or certain hours in a week or day respectively. Pagarbook allows you to know when, how, and how much they need to get paid.

The app will also help you in determining how to disburse payments using the best means possible. The app will also help you with advance salaries, who you gave an advance and at which time did you give them the advance.

2. Marking attendance

Sometimes when you are working virtually or when you do not have to watch your staff from their posts, you may wonder when they attended or when they absent. This can be confusing especially if you are not managing the employees physically. However, with the Pagarbook app, you can help you in marking the attendance of your employees.

Using Pagarbook you can mark when the employee reported for work, when they left, and also when they were absent. Just a single click and you can mark the attendance of your employees. This also helps when it comes to managing the salaries so that you know how to pay them considering how they report to work or how many hours spend at the workplace.

3. Payslips and notifications

Pagarbook App will also notify you of your employee’s attendance and also send a payslip to your employees when you pay them. The app will also notify you of other equally important things about your employees and how your business is running.

4. Safe and secure

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Pagarbook is an Indian app meant for Indian businesses. The app is password protected and no unauthorized person can get access to your details. Therefore with Pagarbook, you should not worry about the security of your data.

5. Hire new employees

If you want to hire new employees, Pagarbook will make it easier for you since you can make posters about the things you need from an employee. You can then share the posters to your closes circle for you to get a new staff.

How to get Pagarbook app for PC

Pagarbook has both the Android app and the desktop app. The Android app is free while the desktop app is paid. Sometimes when you have many employees it would be difficult for you to manage all of them on your Android phone.

The best way to manage them is to use a desktop. You can start with the free trial version that lasts up to seven days. If the version pleases you, you can continue paying for it.

You should note that the desktop version is not an extension but an actual app for your desktop. You can download it directly to your computer. However, if you only have a few employees to manage there is no need for you to keep paying for an app. If you still want to use the app on your computer you can use an Android emulator.


An Android emulator will help you download the app on your Windows or Mac PC. You can use the Bluestacks Android emulator since it is the most reliable Android emulator. You only need to download the emulator from their official website.

Since you will need to download the app from the Google play store, you need to have a Google account. If you have it you can sign in and if you don’t have it you can simply sign up. After signing in you can then proceed to find the app on the Play store and then click on install to install the app on your computer.

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