How To Open The Windows Task Manager

The windows task manager is a significant utility in the day-to-day life of any professional or user of the system.

In this task manager, it is possible to monitor all the main statuses of the operating system.

In other words, you can measure the usage of memory, CPU, disk, and network monitor.

Another very common activity check application that is running in the background on the operating system.

Then the following question Arise that:

How to open the windows task manager?

How To Open The Windows Task Manager

This article talks about and most easier three different ways to open a windows task manager.

1.Right click on the windows taskbar

The fastest and easiest way to open windows task manager is to the right click on the taskbar and then choose the option “Task Manager.”

It’s just two clicked to open task manager.

2.Run the taskmgr

The run command is a great shortcut to open windows task manager.

You can press the “Windows +R” key on the keyboard to activate the task manager option.

When you press those keys, the windows task manager screen will appear.

3.Type Here to Search Button or Cortana Search Bar

You can use the type here search or Cortana bar located in the windows start menu right-side.

  • Click the “Cortana button.”
  • Then write “task manager.”
  • See, the task manager screen will appear in just a second.

I hope you will find the best and easy solutions.

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