Omni-Crypt for PC – Windows and Mac – Free Download

omni-crypt-for-pc-windows-and-mac-free-downloadOmni-Crypt App – Keep your Conversation Private

WhatsApp has changed the communication pattern globally by allowing people to be connected regardless of distance. However, it needs constant surveillance to enable it to encode the data into a personalized and secret code only decoded with the same app. With the Omni-Crypt, it allows the user to quickly and in a more straightforward manner encode their WhatsApp data.

Overview of Omni-Crypt App

Omni-Crypt App works as a free system maintenance software designed to convert and monitor the WhatsApp .crypt5-12 data files to the .crypt legacy encryption. Omni-Crypt App runs as a WhatsApp background service provider. Moreover, it works excellent as an independent.crypt-5-12 decrypt and encrypted. Besides, it’s an Android operating system application that also works well with a Mac or Windows operating system using our guide.

The application runs for free on the device background without affecting the other applications and their performance. It merely allows the user to take control of the WhatsApp more massive databases while using the progress bar displayed on the on-screen. Also, when the application is encrypting the files, it locks the device screen orientation to avoid interruption.

Advantage of using of Omni-Crypt

The omni-Crypt application offers the user many useful features that enable the users to keep their WhatsApp data private and out of reach for the data thieves. Here are the significant advantages of using the Omni-Crypt App:

  • Handles large databases
  • Runs as the device background task using the progress bar display
  • Checks your WhatsApp backup file after every 15 minutes
  • Supports manual encrypt and decrypt
  • Enables pausing of decryption and encryption
  • Provides an extreme lightweight background service with a low impact on the device battery life
  • It supports integration + SMS Backup
  • Supports backup files that are saved in the msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD-N and many more
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Features of Omni-Crypt

Background Task

The Omni-Crypt App provides its services as a background task. For both manual decrypt or encrypt tasks, the Omni-Crypt App runs on the device background. However, it displays it works on the progress bar. It does that to enable the device UI thread not to become cluttered or freeze when dealing with a massive database.

It provides a regular backup check on your files

Omni-Crypt Application is optimized in a manner that enables it to keep on performing a routine performance check on your backup files. WhatsApp has a process and memory awareness, but no backup does occur at around 4 am. Also, the WhatsApp manual backups do need to get triggered. For this reason, the Omni-Crypt App performs a backup check on your WhatsApp app after every 15 minutes.

Locked Screen Orientation

The Omni-Crypt App is built in a way that it keeps the Android device’s screen orientation locked while it’s manually decrypting or encrypting. Such a process ensures the decrypting and encrypting process doesn’t get terminated or interrupted precariously when it hasn’t finished the task.

SMS Backup

Omni-Crypt App comes with an SMS backup aware that enables it to send a target notification to the WhatsApp background triggering the backup process.


The Omni-Crypt App operates as a background service giving an alert and a notification after each of the decryption and encryption tasks.

Incremental Mode

Omni-Crypt App comes with a progressive mode feature that creates .db and .crypt files that contain new messages not backed up during the last backup cycle.

Omni-Crypt App Download for PC (Windows and Mac)


The Omni-Crypt App works well on Android devices, but you can download it on your PC (Mac/ Windows) and enjoy the same services and features. Here are the significant steps of downloading and installing the app on your machine.

  1. Install the BlueStacks emulator by following the given on-screen instructions
  2. Once it has completed the installation, open it up to launch and search for Omni-Crypt App from the Download Manager
  3. Double-click on it and follow the given instruction to install it on your PC
  4. After successful installation click on it, open and start enjoying its great feature
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Everyone who has applications like WhatsApp knows the importance of privacy, and encrypting data ensures they secure their private conversations. Omni-Crypt App provides encrypting services to WhatsApp, and it’s only through the app device that the decryption can happen. This ensures that no hackers can mess up with your conversation.

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