How to Install MyDlink Lite on your PC (Windows and Mac)

mydlink-lite-pc-windows-macMyDlink Lite for PC, MyDlink Lite for Windows, MyDlink Lite for Mac

MyDlink Lite is a lightweight Android application that we can install with BlueStacks on the PC, the famous Android emulating software for computers. This app allows us to keep all of our different Dlink devices connected from a remote distance, such as cameras.

Imagine that you have decided to take a trip but you don´t want to leave your dog without some sort of surveillance, then you could buy and install a Dlink camera on your home and be able to watch the camera anytime anywhere you go with your phone because of this app. Sounds interesting right? And this is only one of the many possibilities, you could also use it to protect your home from thieves, for instance. You would be able to give a quick call to the cops with this software!

To download and install this application, we need to follow the standard process as if were to install any other application in Android from the Google Play Store. Simple open the Google Play Store and proceed to login with your Google account. Once you are logged in simply write on the search bar for “mydlink Lite” and press the intro key on your keyboard. After this, you can now click on download and once you have waited for a moment, you can now open the app.


So the first thing you will see upon opening its a message asking you if you allow the app to take pictures and video, access to your media and files, and also if you allow MyDlink Lite to access this device location. It´s highly recommended you press allow and all of these questions otherwise you might get a few errors.

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Now you will be asked to turn on your Bluetooth, turn it on and press yes. Now here is one of the coolest things about this app, you get asked now if you want MyDlink Lite to send you notifications whenever an event triggers. As soon as a thief gets in range of your surveillance camera you would get a notification! Go ahead and click agree and now simply log in with your account if you have one and if not you can click on the blue highlighted text below and create an account or simply click on “Local Camera View” from there you can add and connect your cameras safely with the app! Having your home secured has never been so easy with MyDlink Lite App!

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