My Gmail Account Is Hacked How To Delete

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If you have a Gmail account that you no longer use, or which you simply want to get rid of, this time we will tell you about the “my gmail account is hacked how to delete”.

Of course, before you must bear in mind that it is a definitive and permanent process.

Also, in case you have used this account to log into different products and services.

You will need to change the information on those accounts or create new accounts.

So you should do this before getting rid of the Gmail account.

My Gmail account is hacked how to delete

When your Gmail account is getting hacked and you are ready to delete a Gmail account.

Let’s proceed to delete a Gmail account.

First, access your Gmail account from your usual browser. Click on your account icon located in the upper right corner and select “Google Account”.

You will access a new screen with different options related to your account.

Now, In the menu on the left side of the screen, click on “Data and Personalization”.

Now go down the screen and select the option “Delete a service or account.”
On the new screen, you should click on the option “Delete a Google service”.

Then enter the password again.

Next, click on the symbol of a trash can next to the service you want to delete, in this case, Gmail.

If you wish, before deleting a service you can download your data.

To do this, click on Download data and follow the instructions.

You will now need to enter an alternate email address so that you can log into the rest of Google services once your default Gmail address has disappeared.

Finally, click on “Delete Gmail”, a blue button located in the lower-left corner of the screen, and you are done.

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Another way: How to remove Gmail account

Would you like to deactivate your Gmail inbox without closing your Google account? Need a hand to remove your Gmail account.

With today’s guide, we will discover together how to deactivate a Gmail mailbox without closing its Google account.

Maybe you think those types of questions below…

  • How to remove Gmail accounts from all major email clients?
  • How to remove a Gmail address from Android or iOS?
  • How to permanently close a Google account (with attached Gmail account)?

They are all very simple operations to complete but, at the same time, very drastic: they mean the loss of a lot of potentially important data.

If you want to avoid nasty surprises, carefully follow the instructions below

and create a nice backup of all your data. Emails and Gmail contacts but also files related to other Google services you have used through your account. So, are you ready to go?

It won’t take long, I promise.

Preliminary operations: backup emails and contacts.

Before deactivating your Gmail account, take a few minutes of free time and find out how to create a backup copy of the messages and contacts in your inbox.

  • Connect to;
  • Click on the Login button located at the top right and log in to your Google account (if you have not already done so);
  • Click on your photo located at the top right and press the Personal Account button in the box that opens;
  • Select the item Control your contents from the Personal information and privacy box (in the center of the page that opened);
  • Click on the Create Archive button ;
  • Activate the options related to Contacts, Gmail and all the data of the Google services you want to create a backup copy of (remember that the more options you activate, the longer it will take to create the backup);
  • Click on the Next and Create Archive buttons.

When the backup files are ready, you will receive an email with the link to download them.

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Creating the backup could take several hours, or even several days.

It all depends on the amount of data to be processed.

If you prefer, you can also create a backup of your Gmail messages by setting up your account in a traditional email client and downloading the emails locally.

Find out how to do it in my tutorial on how to read Gmail mail.

Disable Gmail

Now let’s see how to remove Gmail without closing its Google account.

This is an extremely simple operation that takes a few seconds, all you have to do is connect to or, click on your photo located at the top right and press the Personal Account button in the box that appears.

On the page that opens, click on the item Delete your account or your services located on the right (in the Account preferences box ).

Then click on the Delete products option, log back into your Google account and select the trash icon located next to the Gmail item.

At this point, put the checkmark next to Yes, I want to permanently delete [address @ ] and remove it from my Google account, specify in the field New primary email address the email address you want to use to access your account Google (instead of the Gmail you are about to delete) and type your Google account password in the Current Password field.

Click the Remove Gmail button and that’s it, your Gmail account will be deleted while your Google account will remain active.


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