MuseScore: How to Convert PDF Files

Today I am going to talk about a novelty that MuseScore brings us the incorporation of a tool based on the open-source software.

This application allows importing PDF files and converting them to an editable file (.mscz).

The process is quick and easy, and as for the result, it depends mainly on the complexity of the score.

How to Convert PDF Files

Step 1: go to the following address and click on the Select PDF file button.

Step 2: Select the file you want to convert.

Keep in mind that you will get a better result with a document in black and white or gray tones, and with a resolution of around 300 dots per inch.

You can access a PDF file that you have saved on your computer, or in the cloud, or from a URL.

You can also find the option “Import PDF” in the File menu that is found when opening the program itself.

If you choose to start the process from the program, it will also ask you to log into your account.

The file begins to be processed “Status: Queued”

If after a few seconds it completes successfully, the option “Download” will appear to download the file already in .mscz format.

You can access a PDF file that you have saved on your computer, or in the cloud, or from a URL.

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