Most Popular Starter Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokémon sword and shield have been out for some time, with two DLC increases, but new players are still joining the adventure.

For those who are just starting a Pokémon game, the biggest choice is always the beloved start.

The type of grass, fire and water is typically chosen here. Swords and shields keep that trend alive.

Gruki is the type of grass, Scarbuni is the type of fire, and Sobal is the type of water.

Each starter Pokémon has its pluses and minuses. In the case of the original story, however, the fire type is the way to go.

Popular Starter Pokémon Sword and Shield

It is very common for fire type starter Pokémon to be the most popular choice. It is also common to be the best choice for major games.

Of course, players can get other notifications through trading. All three starters of the Pokémon Sword and Shield have become part of the competitive meter.

The main, story-driven part of the game, however, is that Scarbuni reigns supreme.

A ton of fire Pokémon has been chosen, but score bunny is the only option rarely in the game. The first gym has grass type leaders.

This gives Scrabby a huge advantage over sable’s weakness in favor of grass and grocery incompetence.

Yes, the second gym is a water type, but grass type Pokémon is available to keep scurbooni away from fighting.

Scorebunny tests many positive things when looking for starter Pokémon. Out of the war and it will work wonders.

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Transforming into Rabu and finally, Cinderella makes it very good to pass.

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