Online Game – Free Tips and Tricks online is one of the latest online games developed by Sidney de Vries. The player is on a virtual farm world with trees, rocks, and bushes. The basic idea is that the player should survive in this world and for this, the player tries to collect wood, food, rock, and gold.

Other players also have an urge to survive and each player will try to increase their resources as well as protect themselves from barriers. The player who collects more resources can build strong barriers, eat food and heal the hit-points and also keep attackers away by using the hunter bow and other weapons.


Attacking players can be shooed away by hitting them enough. Once the player has built good barriers and has a strong base, he/she can build a windmill.

The main aim of the player apart from survival is to collect more Gold and get higher in position on the Leaderboard. Players can build Windmills to get more Gold which in turn generates more points and a better position on the Leaderboard.

Another aspect of Online is the player’s Age which indicates the player’s level in the game. As the player’s Age advances he/she can build new structures and also use new weapons. The maximum age in this game is currently fifteen.

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Where to play Online is an online real-time game and is offered free on several websites. Following is a list of a few websites where unblocked can be played.

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1. The player should try to find a double resource like a tree and a rock, rock and food, food and food, etc. Both resources can be gathered in one click.

2. At the age of 2, the Great Axe can be effectively used to farm resources. The Short Sword is handier to defend the player from other hostile players.

3. At the age of 3, eating Cookie can be more useful as it heals 40 for only 15 quantity of food whereas 10 food quantity of apple heals only 10.

4. At the age of 4, the pit trap can be useful to arrest invaders.

5. At the age of 5 players can create more Windmills to generate more gold.

So Good Luck to Moo Moo your way on!

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