Microsoft Teams Keeps Restarting

“Microsoft teams keeps restarting” is a common problem today. But nothing to worry about it. You can follow our instructions on this problem.

If you are in the business world, you have surely heard of Microsoft Intune, but, although this is a fairly well-known item. You may not fully know the potential it presents and how it can help your company.

How to fix: Microsoft teams keeps restarting

There are several ways to be able to work undisturbed: You can stop the restarting in Microsoft Teams or just switch off the notifications.

The former ensures that the program does not start automatically when booting. The latter makes it quickly accessible but does not distract you with constant popups.

Deactivate Microsoft Teams: Deactivate the automatic startDeactivate Microsoft Teams Deactivate the automatic start

If you don’t want Microsoft Teams to be loaded every time you start your computer, you can deactivate the auto start in the program yourself

This is how you can deactivate the Microsoft Teams autostart:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the app and then on the menu item ” Settings”.
  2. In the “ General ” window, in the “ Application ” section, there is a tick for “ Start application automatically ”. Removes this hook.

The new setting is saved automatically and you have deactivated the autostart of Microsoft Teams in this way. In order to ensure that the program is really closed when you close it, remove the checkmark next to ” Continue application when closing “.

What are Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a shared workspace that unites the collaboration and communication solutions included within Microsoft 365.

Microsoft teams also integrate with other Microsoft solutions like third-party software, and development to communicate faster and smarter work.

The increased adoption of the use of Teams helps companies improve access to information and free up employees – whether the information or first line – to focus on higher-value activities, thereby reducing operational costs, accelerating launch times (time-to-market), and fostering greater innovation.

What is Microsoft Teams for?

The purpose of the study we talked about earlier is to give us a frame of reference when evaluating the potential of Teams. To do this, we tell you what Teams are for and the strengths highlighted in the Forrester document.

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Teams reduce the total number and duration of meetings: Meetings conducted using Teams are more reliable and with very high audio and video quality, resulting in less time wasted on setup and call quality problems.

Information workers get more from their calls and need less of them overall. Total savings over a three-year range is $ 6.9 million.

With Teams, companies are scaling back other communications hardware and software solutions: Study companies reported declines in web conferencing, long-distance, mobile phone, as well as on-premises telephony solutions when migrating to Teams. The savings in a three-year range have a value of $ 648,727.

By the third year, online meetings have replaced 150 overnight trips. By moving to the unified Teams experience, organizations eliminated overnight trips for the third year of the study, saving a total of $ 233,080.

To collaborate

Information workers earn 4 hours a week thanks to improved collaboration and information sharing.Having features such as co-authoring and version control, finding documents, conversations, and names available in the same place allows information workers to collaborate in real-time in a more effective and efficient way, saving more than $ 14.3 million in three years.

Teams for first-line workers save users 45 minutes a week collaborating with their coworkers. Teams, they are better able to share information and get the resources they need to complete their jobs. This equates to $ 501,214 over a three-year period.

Customize and extend

Less time is spent switching between applications during the day. Office workers earn 15 minutes a day, and field workers 5 minutes a day by having all the features and information available within Teams, rather than having to switch between multiple applications.

Employees working with external organizations save time by having a shared workspace. Teams can be extended to customers, suppliers, and other external companies.

Work safely

Having resources available online in Teams reduces downtime. The period of inactivity in field workers is reduced by an average of 14.6%. In three years, the reduced time has a value of $ 257,586

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IT compliance costs and eDiscovery are reduced by 13.2%. Companies reported a reduction in their compliance and eDiscovery efforts when using Teams. The compliance costs attributed to Teams would be about $ 4,250.

How to get Microsoft TeamsWhat are Microsoft Teams

Do you want to start working with Microsoft Teams? If you want to implement it in your company or want special configurations such as bots or integrations, contact us without obligation by phone, mail or by filling out a  form.

Microsoft Intune What is it exactly?Microsoft Intune What is it exactly

Formerly is calling Windows Intune , it can be defined as a system specialized in the management of mobility and communication within companies.

In this sense, one of its main advantages and representative aspect of this is the fact that it is a cloud-based mechanism.

Which, in addition, has been created to improve and manage processes, communications, as well as control the use of existing or company-related devices.

This unit is part of the well-known set of Microsoft programs known as Enterprise Mobility + Security or EMS. Likewise, it is complemented with Azure AD, which guarantees control of the access that each individual will have. As with Azure information protection to ensure this aspect.

The Azure Active Directory program allows you to configure the directory synchronization tool.

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How does Microsoft Intune work?

The purpose of this service is to allow better administration and control of what happens in the company. Especially in the application that mobile devices receive.

Consequently, Microsoft Intune has two leading aspects or functionalities, which are the management of mobile devices (MDM) and the administration of programs or mobile applications (MAM).

With this, it is possible to restrict the use of devices related to the company, be they tablets, phones and other portable equipment, thus protecting the company’s own data.

Well, it allows, for example, to manage user devices , limit the sending of messages to addresses outside the company, or isolate the data belonging to the company from the personal information within individual devices that operate within the group.

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